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Thrifting challenge


I have had a really good thrifting week!

Summer is coming but my jackets consist of a wax Barber and

a lovely warm duvet jacket.

Summer IS coming!

So I have been on the look out for a summer jacket,

something with pockets, possibly a tailored style.

Saturday was a whoopeee day

I picked up

a really nice lavender purple tiny cord – Red Herring label –

priced £4.99

Today was  another whooooopppppeeee day  –

I found a nice cinnamon brown hopsack jacket

priced £3.99

So Here Comes Summer …. and I am happily ready!

The first Challenge!


At the very beginning of my Thrifty Year with Dottie Angel, I had an early start

with a really nice Wallis pale blue, v-necked, three-quarter sleeved jumper.

What was even better was that it was a pass-me-on from my lovely

daughter in law!

Then I had a bit of a dilemma …… here is how it went …..

In Oxfam a linen skirt was £4.95

in Marks & Spencer I found a reduced sale price linen skirt

for £5

Which to go for??

It’s a bit of a no brainer really!

I pushed the boat out and spent the extra 1 pence!

I hope Tiff agrees!

It’s a Challenge!


Well, yesterday was my birthday,

and a very happy one filled with lovely memories

BUT what that means is that as of TODAY


The Dottie Angel Challenge of the Utmost Kind to be precise ……

see here …..

Tiff set herself this challenge at her 41st birthday,

the idea of the Utmost Kind of Challenge

is to thrift for items for her closet or home,

or buy handmade …… for a whole year.

Her blog is such an inspiration you simply want to join in and

get creative! It was so irresistible!

Well, why not see for yourself?


I’ll let you see how I am getting on as time goes by!