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Quiet/Busy Book …. the end of the story!


There are so many ideas for these wonderful books out there in Blogland, and most of my pages

were my own take on some of these ideas, so I thought I would add a few more today and then

perhaps one day put all the pages together as thumbnails.

so here up first is the …..

Basket of fruit ….

(I’m sorry about all the photos! I know … not very good )

But anyway,

the apple and pear are fastened with large press studs,

the banana with a hook and bar

and the lemon fastened with velcro ……

Undo them all and put them back into the basket!

(I did think after that a little purse could have been attached in the basket with money to buy the fruit)

The Overalls …..

Dungaree fasteners,

a tape measure in the top pocket,

a tractor picture hiding in a secret pocket

and a wallet with  press studs to fasten, and buttons to slide up and down, hides in the front muff pocket.

Apparently the tape measure is a huge success :0)

these pages encourage fine motor skills

These next two pages go together …..

an I-Spy page and “Can you find?

These were very popular pages right from day one,

encourages simple observation, language development and adult participation


other pages were more basic …. zips, weaving, and an abacus.

I am quite happy if anyone wants to use any of my ideas to make their own book.

All in all it takes a huge amount of time, costs quite a lot of money …..

BUT the end of the story is …..


I hope you think so too!

Bye for now XX

Quiet busy book again!


Once again, here are a few more pages from the


I loved making this page!

Night time ….. count the stars

“Oh No! a puncture!”

Time to change the wheel (tucked away in the pocket)

fastening buttons,

Woof, woof and the little dog jumps off the back of the truck,

the flower is fastened with a press-stud …


fine motor skills, counting, simple problem solving and story telling

Obviously learn to tie a shoe!

the sides open and can be unlaced, laced up again and tied again!

the star fabric is the shoe tongue.

well, there we are ….. another couple coming up next week.

Enjoy your weekend, wherever your shoes take you!

hope you don’t have any punctures though!


Quiet/Busy Book 3 and 4


Last Wednesday I introduced my

Quiet book to you with pages 1 and 2

plus my happy I Spy book courtesy of Fish Sticks


today I have two more pages to share:

page 3

a zebra crossing, two felt house neighbours,

one house has a little red button car to run up and down it’s driveway,

a deserted road to drive the little blue felt car – left side please! on visits or

go for petrol at the yellow petrol pump … (self service!)

the car is “garaged” behind the flower bed and attached with a string :0)


imaginative play, fine motor skills, simple story telling

page 4

Counting 1 – 10

This proved to be a very popular page.

lift up flaps reveals a number and corresponding buttons –

star buttons – 1,4,7

flower buttons – 2,5,8

heart buttons  – 3,6,9

and 10 pencil buttons


counting 1 – 10, touch and count,

repeating pattern in the materials for the flaps –

dots, bicycles, dots, bicycles, etc.


there now! ……

hope you enjoyed todays editions!

back next Wednesday with two more pages ….

until then xx