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TaDaa! just hanging about!


At last …..

my Jelly Roll Quilt is Finished!

here it is ….. just Hanging up ….

I really enjoyed this project from Konda at


it is all still on her blog if anyone was interested in having a go.

I didn’t do all of the blocks, but I did do more than one of some ….

the ones I liked to do the best!

Here it is all folded and ready for the bed …

Ah! I do like it :0) and Bella too xxxx

But my quilt isn’t the only thing Hanging around!

I can’t get enough of these …..

D E C O P A T C H!  Yeh!!

two new green DECOPATCH coat hangers ….. mmmmmm :0)

and last but not least …..

Alfredo and Bertina

are Hanging around in sunny California

awaiting their flight to Haiti :0

check out their traveling buddies at


what a lot of friends :0)

Quilt as you go Quilt Along


quilt as you go |quilt-along| part one

Well, at last my attempt at  Quilt as You Go Quilt Along with Penny at


is finally finished

here on the line ……

and is now doing a good job on my bed ……




Why not take a hike over to sewtakeahike and join in

it’s not too late!

Kaffe Fassett Simple Shapes Quilt Along


Everyone knows how INSPIRING a KAFFE FASSETT book is

but this is exceptional

and working on the most basic simple shape …. the square

I have just finished my Kaffe Fassett Quilt Along quilt

and I just  L O V E,  L O V E,  L O V E it!

That’s not to say everything on my quilt is perfect …..  Nope, it never is!

No, what I so love about it is the glorious colours

and that is all down to Kaffe Fassett, nothing to do with me!

Watch the video about the inspirations he found on his travels

at his web site http://www.kaffefassett.com/Home.html

but just for now

just have a feast for your eyes with this intense colour

on the small quilt in his book.

My quilt is mainly oranges, reds and greens ……

with the bits I had left over I made a lap quilt ready for the colder evenings to come …..

and from the scraps I had left from the lap quilt ….

I made a new bag for me   :0)   …. photos of these to come soon!

He is right though isn’t he? Kaffe I mean …

When you look at the things around you,

whether on holiday or not,

you see shapes, colours and textures that can inspire those of us

who like to make quilts ….

perfect ones (like the ones I see everywhere in Blogland)

or imperfect ones I see in my home!

Whatever you are doing today, enjoy looking for the unexpected shapes around you ….

and be inspired!

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Quilt as you go Quilt Along


quilt as you go |quilt-along| part one

I don’t think I’ve posted on this Quilt Along from Sew Take A Hike

but I’ve really enjoyed making

my blocks with Penny. They grow very quickly, are quite random and fun to do.

Penny’s quilt looks great on her double bed – take a look ….


take a look at week 4.

I love visiting her blog, it is so inspiring!

Anyway,  my quilt  …..

The blocks are made partly from a Jelly Roll Urban Courture

by Basic Grey for Moda ….

and partly from some fq’s – a bit of a mixture really, but they seem

to work ok, the blocks are 14″ and I really like them!

I decided to make them into a sofa throw ……

But then I was a little sad when I had made my sofa size ….

So ……

I decided to keep on going and make a single bed size!

so I made some more 14″ blocks and two borders of 6″

I am just about ready to buy some backing fabric and binding!

Not being a “precise” person

(much as I marvel at those who are blessed with such a gift)

this method suits me – a bit higgelty-piggelty,

but the overall look is quite pleasing.

I’ll picture it when it’s done.