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a cover up!


It all started because I just couldn’t discard this …..

an unused Royal Horticultural Society diary ……

but with such gorgeous artwork ……

These are NOT photos, but beautiful botanical drawings …..

SO what to do with it, tear out pages and make cards with them?


frame one or two?

THEN I had this what I call a “BRILLIANT IDEA”

I would use it Just As It Is!!!

But it would be my very own, very special diary of


each month I will add a recipe suitable for that season and month of the year …

Brilliant Idea, don’t you think?

I started with the month of December, adding the Gorgeous Christmas Cake,

and …..

a Brandy Mincemeat, and a gorgeous Apple and Cranberry Chutney Recipe

(recipes for you in the next blog on Monday :0)


well, this is the Title Page ….

and I made a Journal cover ….. just to hide it being a 2011 Diary!

Well, I think it is a brilliant idea!

Recipes coming on Monday :0)

Bye for now, xx


Quiet Book or Busy Book


I had seen QUIET/ BUSY BOOKS on many blogs and I decided


so my journey began…..

I say journey because it took in many aspects before even cutting into any fabric …

a few decisions had to be thought about first:

How many activity pages?

How to fasten the pages together?

What size?

What activities did I want to include?

BUT my one criterion was


no bits to get lost!

With that in mind I thought I would show a few pages each week

with a comment or two ….

So here is page 1

The velcro shapes live inside, and are attached to the pocket by ricrac,

also attached to the pocket outside ….

is a waistcoat buckle to undo,

this also fastens with a velcro tab,

(the two slide up and down buttons are just to fiddle with!)


simple shape recognition and hand eye co-ordination

page 2

a sorting page,

novelty buttons attached to coloured ribbon to sort into pockets

two for each colour, : red car, scissors, yellow rabbit, blue house etc.

ribbons fastened under black velvet ribbon for sensory touch,


early problem solving and colour recognition


in a pocket on the inside cover of the book lives ……

a concertina

I Spy book!


this encourages:-

language development, adult participation,

observation and FUN!

I   L O V E D making this flip flap concertina book :0)

for a tutorial skip along to …..


I will add the next few pages each Wednesday….. so

till next few pages are due,

Bye for now xx

on a roll …..


Jelly Roll that is ….

it all started the other night watching

“Roman Holiday”  ….    AGAIN!!!

so ….

taking 5 Jelly strips

out came …..


summer scarves,

so quick and simple to make and wear ….

Audrey style!

but be warned

you can’t make only one ….

they are VERY addictive :0)

Enjoy the Spring Sunshine and celebrate with a scarf

and again ! …..


well I can’t vouch for it being

JUST 15 minutes …

in fact it certainly wasn’t

BUT I can vouch for it being


AGAIN!! :0)

this morning  this ….

Became ….

(sorry about the photo!)

I was having so much fun and couldn’t wait to make

them turn into …..


and they will soon be on their way to ….

Evie at http://heartsforchristchurch.blogspot.com/

Hearts for Christchurch

she says

“Two heart shapes sewn together, stuffed or not, embellished, embroidered,

CQ’d,quilted, plain or fancy, anything goes.

Add a loop for hanging. Choose your size.

For ease of posting, envelope size is a good measurment.

You can send them flat just add a note ‘To be stuffed’.

Sign (or not), add a message and where the hearts are from.

This is a small measure of something nice to give in this terrible time.”

these are just three from Evie’s blog …. from California


If you have 15 minutes to play ….

why not have a heart for New Zealand ….

and send it with love :0)

have a playful weekend!

from Bella and me :0)



Did you know that 15 minutes

S  T  R  E  T  C  H  E  R  R  R  R  S  ?????

It really does …..

well one minute leads to another

and another

and so on and so on!!

In fact you just don’t know where your allocated 15 minutes flies off to ….

that is if your 15 Minutes is with Victoria


she says it is making new fabric

and I just love it!

seriously it is VERY hard to stop!

I now have 35 of these darlings …..

and I just  C A N ‘ T  stop!!!

I love making my blocks which one day will be ?

Who knows!

But it doesn’t matter :0)

As I have been scrabbling around in my scrap box and finding bits here and there

odd shapes, tiny fragments, forgotten fabulous fabrics,

memories of each making comes back to mind and I was thinking today ….

“may God patch together the scraps and fragments of my life, the odd shapes,

the forgotten memories, the rough and the smooth

and make me

into something useful, practical and beautiful in His service.”

that is my prayer.

from Bella and Me ….

on our Spring walk abouts ….

thanks for stopping by and we hope you have a lovely week …. :0)



do you remember playtime when you were at school?

It has been many many many many years since I was there

but I still remember how good it was,

how necessary it was,

whatever the weather.

We skipped, played two ball, hopscotched and just ran around ….

F R E E!

for 15 minutes

hopscotch and chalk

now, as we grow older it seems to me that we

still need to remember how to play

to bring back that vibrance, vigour and vivacity

to our everyday crafty life …..

I discovered  15 minute PLAYTIMES again!

and so can you ….

Victoria beckons ….


and what crafty fun times you have,

you are free to decide

what to do and where to go with it and Victoria

shares just HOW to play   S C R A P S   for 15 minutes.

Here is one of my finished playtime blocks ……

and here are two others  …..

that became …..

my new Sewing Journal

all from   S C R A P S   :0)

I hope you have a happy scrappy playtime!

and thanks for stopping by :0)

V & B  xx


this activity is seriously addictive! I do not take any responsibility!  ……. just ENJOY!

I am now up to 18 and counting!!