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Well, Hello 2012!


Yes, I know I’m a little late …..

but hey! We are making our come back!

So from Bella and Me, we say ……

Hello to you all in 2012 ….

and may this year be a year full of new inspirations,

new beginnings,

and new thoughts and delights …..

and so here is my new thought for this New Year …….

Whilst walking in the park on an early December morning,

delighting in the beautiful Oaks

and the winter trees,

I suddenly stopped and took another look …. at the Chestnut trees,

everywhere around were winter trees,

in fact the Chestnut looked like a winter tree,

but standing under its huge branches I noticed ……

new sticky buds …… the promise of Spring.

I was struck again and marvelled at the the faithfulness of God,

that in the middle of winter ….. He gives the promise of Spring.

May this New Year bring ….. a new inspiring spring of inspiration to you!

thanks for visiting  ….. till next time …..

from Bella and Me XX

Home Again :0)


As Frankie sang ….

It’s very nice to go trav’ling

To London, Paris and Rome,

It’s oh so nice to go trav’ling,

But it’s so much nicer,

Yes it’s so much nicer to come home!

Wonderful as holidays can be …..

The sights and things that we see ……

There is nothing quite like


HOME :0)

It is true that Home IS where the heart is ……

That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy the adventure,

new experiences,

fun, food and friendship …..

it is just that  …..

well …

Home IS where the heart is!

along with a wagging tail :0)

But I did have a stare out

with this lady …..

I broke the stare first!

and she did NOT wag her tail!

Whatever you are doing today, have a good crafty day :0)

chick chick chick chick chicken!


One of the nicest finds of my new area has been …..

Mayfield House, NY ….

No not New York ….

New Yatt

do you see all those Happy Hens?

apparently it all started with 10 hens and a hobby,

but like Topsy it has grown and grown ….. and grown!

Into Happy Hen Haven!

which means ….

lots and lots of bountiful, beautiful, breakfasts!


HERE THEY ARE in close up beauty! …..

don’t they just look Happy and Content ,

I don’t know if they all have names ….

you can follow their story –


or if you live near NY you could try them for yourself ….


I do know that Fiona has names for her lovely ladies …….


without further ado …..

Introducing …..

drumroll please! …….

From left to right,

Cluck, Geraldine, Margery and Lady Gaga.

I have been Inspired by Fiona’s blog many times …. well every time I visit actually!

(It was Fiona who had the inspiration to start 20 Minuters)

If you haven’t met up with her pop over and be Inspired yourself!


or see my posting under Inspiration Plus on the 1st April 2010

you won’t be disappointed!

Fiona’s posting about her New Girls is a really happy read ….

though at the time of her writing there had been no real product!

Which made me smile because I had just been watching

Series One of   “THE GOOD LIFE”

(for those of you who are not old enough to remember them being shown first time around)

the DVD is well worth a buy …. though it costs much more that a

dozen eggs!

The episode “Say Little Hen” is really funny, just old fashioned

good English humour

where “Poor Barbara” paints the greenhouse converted into henhouse – pink

what made me smile is that Tom and Barbara have the same situation as Fiona ….


(I won’t give away the ending!)

The series is probably not politically correct by today’s standards but is soooooo Good!

Oh, by the way …

The Good Life - Complete Series 1 [DVD] [1975]

from Amazon ….. it is Eggcellent viewing!

Now I am saving my pennies for ….

The Good Life - Complete Series 2 [DVD] [1976]The Complete Series 2!

As   BILL COSBY once said   …

“You can turn painful situations around through laughter.

If you can find humor in anything, even poverty, you can survive it.”

I think that really sums up the series ….

and life itself …..

even Hens and no Eggs!

Hope you all have an EGGCELLENT  INSPIRATIONAL DAY wherever you are ….

NY or New Yatt!

Tomorrow is Sunday


The Clock in the town

Witney Buttercross.


“It was in 1606 that Richard Ashcombe left £50 to build a house ‘over and above’

the cross and it then became a place where people sold perishable goods such as butter.

The clock turret was added later in 1683 following a bequest by William Blake

of Cogges who was a successful draper, wool merchant and local benefactor.

Cogges had plenty of common pasture where some local people kept flocks of sheep.

Some of those involved in the wool trade became rich and were able,

like the Blake family, to benefit the local community through endowments and charities.”

I think you will agree …..

That is a long TIME ago.

It got me thinking about  T I M E.

Perhaps it is moving to a new area and everything is new,

my thoughts have been a little looking back,

a little looking to the future,

but it has made me think about my  T I M E here and NOW,

after all

many seconds and minutes have ticked away in my writing even this post.

How do I “spend” my time?

after all

I only have one go at this thing called  LIVING!

Here are some words from others about this elusive thing ….


“Lost time is never found again.”
Benjamin Franklin

“The future

is something which everyone reaches at the rate of 60 minutes an hour,

whatever he does,

whoever he is.”
C. S. Lewis

“Time goes, you say?   Ah, no! alas, time stays, we go.”

Henry Austin Dobson

“Time is too precious to spend – it should be invested”

Derek Stringer

Are you aware that

there is another clock that is ticking ….

we do not see it or hear it ….

it’s History is from the beginning of  T I M E

and it does have an  ALARM

listen to it ….

“No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father

So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.”

Matthew 24: 36, 44

Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.

Matthew 25:13

the words of Jesus  Christ.

But we can get ready and be watchful for the times in which we live.

I would lovingly encourage you to invest  the  T I M E

to click on the Billy Graham button on the right ….

it will only take about 5 minutes of your TIME

but would last for the rest of your lifeTIME!

That’s a good Investment

Whatever the  T I M E   clock says where you are,

God’s Clock is still Ticking

Moving in …. inspirations


Apparently …..

Moving to a new place can be a very traumatic and stressful time …..


on the other hand it can be

a very exciting and exhilarating time filled with new opportunities

new places to discover …..

new people to meet …..

new adventures to take …..


That’s the option for me!

So why not

come along for a short tour as I find out about places near to me ….

and a little further away from me ……

or within walking distance

a bit like a Tourist Information blog!

So lets begin with  …..


Top of the High Street in Witney

part of High Street

the town is a market town, with also a Farmer’s Market at sometime in the month.

It was world famous for a certain product in the wool industry,

sadly no more.

Lots of history to discover with a small museum tucked away in a little courtyard,

I will pop in ….

but unfortunately my Bella wont, as she isn’t allowed. Sad!

MY NEW PLACES TO VISIT – not too far away



apparently  is often visited for two reasons:

Blenheim Palace, birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill, and his grave in nearby Bladon.

However the brochure says, Woodstock has much more to offer…

so I will have to have a trip out and discover just WHAT!

– As soon as my bus pass turns up in the post!

But THIS does look impressive!

Blenheim Palace

“Set in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds, Blenheim Palace is considered to be one of the finest baroque houses in the country. It was a gift from Queen Anne and a grateful nation to John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, in recognition of his famous victory over the French at the Battle of Blenheim in 1704. It is now the home of the 11th Duke of Marlborough and is lived in and cared for by the family for whom it was built. Inside the Palace can be found a superb collection of tapestries, paintings, porcelain and furniture in the magnificent State Rooms.

Sir Winston Churchill was born in the Palace in 1874 and a permanent exhibition about him is located next to his birth room – both are included in the Palace tour. Sir Winston loved Blenheim and, as a member of the family, was a frequent visitor during his long life. He is buried in a simple grave in the nearby church at Bladon. A separate exhibition, ‘Churchills’ Destiny – the story of two great war leaders’, celebrates the achievements of Winston and his great hero and ancestor, John Churchill.”

Seeing as I am reading Churchill’s 6 volumes of the Second World War, I think I MUST

go and see where he was born.  I had assumed that as such a great leader of our country

that he would have been buried in Westminster Abbey ……

So I will have to make a trip to:


is a place of pilgrimage.

” It was January 1965 that the greatest Prime Minister in British history came back to the Cotswolds to be buried. Sir Winston Churchill was laid to rest, next to his parents and other members of the Spencer-Churchill families. in the small cemetery at St Martins.”

One thing I do already know about Bladon

is that it has a gorgeous ….

typically Cotswolds ….

Must visit ….


Dog Template

Dog Template
Dog Template
Dog Template
Dog Template




“Perched on the highest point in Oxfordshire,

Chipping Norton was once a centre for the Cotswold wool trade

and was given a Royal charter by King John in 1205.

The medieval Guildhall and St Mary’s Church reflect the prosperity brought by the wool trade.”

Isn’t this so pretty? and so typically English?


River Windrush at Minster Lovell Hall

along the banks of the River Windrush

and I arrive at …..

Minster Lovell Hall


“Located in a picturesque position beside the River Windrush in the lovely village of Minster Lovell are the ruins of this 15th century manor house, home of the Lovel family for centuries. The manor of Lovell was once in the hands of the crown, and appears to have been granted to the Lovel family by Henry I prior to 1124. The manor holding passed through a succession of Lovels until John Lovel (d. 1310) was created first Lord Lovel.”

SO …..

lots to see …

places to go …..

people to meet!

I think it is all very  INSPIRING.

I hope you have enjoyed visiting my new area with me!

I wonder if anyone knows where I now live?

See you around!

boxes undone!


Well, just about all empty now!

It takes a while to find where to put everything,

it is quite a shock to find out how much STUFF a person has!

and I thought I was a minimalist!

Anyway …… just a quick post to show ….

The Street where I Live!

I really like it, and along with Bella I am finding my

way around the district,

lovely meadows!

I will blog again soon, but at the moment I am in a lovely

cafe because our internet isn’t connected …..

it is surprising how much I miss my friends in blogland!

see you again soon …..



B O X E S!

I like Boxes,

B   I   G boxes,

small boxes,

you never know just what they might hold ….

who doesn’t like  THESE kind of boxes ….

Chocolate Trading Co. - Superior Selection, 12 Assorted Chocolate Box


“A superior selection of the finest chocolates chosen for their purity of ingredients and outstanding flavours.”


well, my hand goes up for  THAT box!

THEN  what about …..

Rare Vintage Biscuit Tin Post Box Money Box The Garden Co Ltd Bakers Hong Kong, Circa 1950s

money boxes!

I remember having one just like this – (oh dear, now it’s called a vintage box!)

mine had no way of getting your pennies out except by poking

a knife into the slot and shaking!

frustrating, but very satisfying!

“This is a rare tin in the form of a English Post Box that was intended to used as a money box once its original contents of wafer biscuits were consumed, Circa 1950s.

The tin was produced for The Garden Co., Ltd; Bakers and Confectioners of Hong Kong”

see it for yourself at ….



the kind of box that I want to start for little J

Pirate treasure chest


when my three son’s were young they each had a  treasure box

with little boys treasures …. string, stamps, shells, flints, pebbles,

rocks, feathers, cones, maps, postcards, old coins,

and lots of bits and bobs ….

yes …. I must start a  Treasure Box for little J :0)

B U T….

the boxes that I am interested in right now are



Y E S,

I am leaving the beautiful High Peak district of Derbyshire ….

and my lovely trundling walks with Bella

the beautiful meadows …..

our favourite field on the Derbyshire Level

the wild open country


Bulls Head - Old GlossopChurch Street South - Old GlossopManor Park - Bridges

the old village, the park

and the little town that I have grown to love

View of Glossop



like the birds I am going SOUTH!

to knew pastures, new adventures –

it has a bitter-sweetness to it,

I will be leaving family, friends and home ….

but I am going to more family

and God willing, make new friends and a new home.

My last Sunday’s post means a lot to me,

I pray that I may I truly blossom where I am planted.

So, it’s Goodbye Glossop …

for the present but I will be back to visit …. :0)

and it’s Hello down there!

Oh ….. but

I will be back in Blogland soon!

Mary Poppins two


One place I had in mind that was a  BIG MUST  to visit


You see the fantastic giraffe and elephant?

Well, can you believe that someone

drew up in a car, hopped out, put them in the back of their car

and drove away.

Pinched them!

Shame on them!

What could you say to the policeman?

Anyway, I wanted to go there desperately after being introduced to

Decopatching through Lucy at Attic 24

(November/December 2009)

She made the  L O V E  sign and made-over her lampshade

by using this fantastic craft called Decopatch.

So, when the family had trotted of to work I hot-footed it down to the

High Street to

The Pottery Place where lovely Grace patiently waited

while I changed my mind so many times as to just What I Wanted to Make!

There are so many options!

So many gorgeous papers!

On that FIRST day ( yes, I couldn’t keep away!) I decided

on the letters  L O V E  for my lovely family’s wedding anniversary.

mine was in wine/purples

I couldn’t wait to start it,

I couldn’t stop once I did start it,

then I wanted to do more when it was finished!

It is very addictive and therapuetic and absolutely Nothing is Safe

because ANY article could be improved upon by

Decopatching it!! ….. except perhaps crochet, well it wouldn’t stick would it?

(Check out their Gallery page)

Anyway, I bought myself a mid sized giraffe to take home – I had to change

my elephant for a lizard as Nelly wouldn’t fit in my case.

Why don’t you pop over to


and take a look for yourself …. they do post orders too……

but be warned …. IT CAN BE ADDICTIVE …. but in a good sort of way!

and now ….. Introducing …….

drum roll I think …..

Geraldine Giraffe

what do you think? Isn’t she just G O R G E O U S?