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Still thinking of Jelly Roll fun

“here is one I made earlier!” – last winter in fact ….

I loved it … LOVED to wear it,

it took just part of a Jelly Roll and some of a Layer cake

so I have decided

that during the summer this is going to be my main focus ….

another patchwork jacket ready for the winter!

I would only make a few minor changes next time ….

certainly give myself POCKETS!

I really miss them and perhaps will add some to this one ….

it is soooooooooo comfy and cozy!


I have this gorgeous

Moda Luna Notte jelly roll

Luna Notte Jelly Roll  by Three Sisters

my original is fleece backed, but I may make this one a real quilted jacket :0)

and perhaps …

there might even be

a few Jelly strips left over for ….

Bella :0)

What do you think?

I had better get on with it then!

To Thessalonika with love ….


White Tower And Skyline Of Thessalonika City\

Somewhere ……

perhaps in a street ….


in the city ……

for someone I will never meet …..

This may bring a little happiness…

Well not in this state,

but the colours are very jolly,

it’s  a Moda Freebird Jelly Roll

bought from http://www.cross-patch.co.uk/

(excellent service from Julia :0)

not quite finished yet …..

still needs the borders adding as I want it to be throw size ….

My little helper always has the last word ….

she has a good nose for colours  :0)

This will be my first quilt top of the New Year –

my Resolution for 2011

is to make at least one quilt top per month to send to

Kristine and her worthy causes


Here is the finish …..

with the borders added :0)

I am so happy with it and now …..

To Thessalonika with love !….

stock photo : Greek Airlines Airbus A340

Thanks for stopping by ….

Val and Bella xx

PS  This is one New Year Resolution I WILL keep :0)

an Award! :0)


Oh My! …. Who’d have thought it???!!!

Thank you Teje and Nero

for thinking of me for this award!

I would never have thought of me!

But I am very happy that YOU did :0)

apparently there are a few rules attached to this award ……

First I have to mention seven things about me  ….

so here goes …

(I can’t promise to sing them as Maria did ….! Raindrops on roses etc)

I love to have my Bible reading and quiet time each day

I love to walk my Bella in the snow the sun or the rain,

I love to remember my growing up years in a coal mining village,

my parents sacrificial giving of  love, time,  happiness,

and just downright good family living

I love to be out on a blustery day, on the moors, in the meadows or by the sea

I love to remember the people and places I have been

….. especially Peru

I love to be part of Kristine’s team making quilt tops for

Thessalonika charities


I  LOVE to decopatch …… anything!

and I  love,


L O V E,  Kaffe Fassett fabric :0)

... especially when it’s a Christmas present :0)

(sorry about the poor light for the photo)

Well, that wasn’t too arduous a task ….

Next I have to nominate 15 “new to me” bloggers

so here goes!

(in no particular order …..)

Podso at http://podso.blogspot.com

Victoria at http://www.15minutesplay.com

Elizabeth at http://piecefullife-elizabeth.blogspot.com

Larissa at http://mmmcrafts.blogspot.com

Jessica at http://cutesycrafts.blogspot.com

Valentina at http://valentinascorner.blogspot.com

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Darci at http://www.stitchesandscissors.com

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Suzie at http://dottyred.blogspot.com

Melissa at http://www.checkoutgirlcrafts.blogspot.com

Gemma at http://littlegems-world.blogspot.com

Marit at http://quilt-it.blogspot.com

please feel free to go to any of these links and say ‘hi’ and encourage them,

they are all worthy of their awards!

And YOU will be encouraged and inspired!

NOW I just have to let these lovely ladies know that they are

Thank you once again Teje and Nero

for giving me this opportunity to share and

nominate others of my choice, what a lovely way to start a New Year.

If you haven’t discovered the great joy and enthusiasm of a daily visit to Teje and Nero –

then I recommend you make it your New Year’s Resolution for 2011 …..

you won’t be disappointed!

Fireworks Happy New Years banner

from US to YOU :0)

and thanks for stopping by …..

Val and Bella xx

PS ….

when the quilt top behind Bella is finished it will be flying off to Thessalonika to Kristine …..  with lots of love :0)

TaDaa! just hanging about!


At last …..

my Jelly Roll Quilt is Finished!

here it is ….. just Hanging up ….

I really enjoyed this project from Konda at


it is all still on her blog if anyone was interested in having a go.

I didn’t do all of the blocks, but I did do more than one of some ….

the ones I liked to do the best!

Here it is all folded and ready for the bed …

Ah! I do like it :0) and Bella too xxxx

But my quilt isn’t the only thing Hanging around!

I can’t get enough of these …..

D E C O P A T C H!  Yeh!!

two new green DECOPATCH coat hangers ….. mmmmmm :0)

and last but not least …..

Alfredo and Bertina

are Hanging around in sunny California

awaiting their flight to Haiti :0

check out their traveling buddies at


what a lot of friends :0)

Quilt as you go Quilt Along


quilt as you go |quilt-along| part one

I don’t think I’ve posted on this Quilt Along from Sew Take A Hike

but I’ve really enjoyed making

my blocks with Penny. They grow very quickly, are quite random and fun to do.

Penny’s quilt looks great on her double bed – take a look ….


take a look at week 4.

I love visiting her blog, it is so inspiring!

Anyway,  my quilt  …..

The blocks are made partly from a Jelly Roll Urban Courture

by Basic Grey for Moda ….

and partly from some fq’s – a bit of a mixture really, but they seem

to work ok, the blocks are 14″ and I really like them!

I decided to make them into a sofa throw ……

But then I was a little sad when I had made my sofa size ….

So ……

I decided to keep on going and make a single bed size!

so I made some more 14″ blocks and two borders of 6″

I am just about ready to buy some backing fabric and binding!

Not being a “precise” person

(much as I marvel at those who are blessed with such a gift)

this method suits me – a bit higgelty-piggelty,

but the overall look is quite pleasing.

I’ll picture it when it’s done.

Olympic Quilt 2012


Well now,

silly me,

thinking no-one would know where my new town is!

But as Penny at Violet White pointed out  http://violet-white.blogspot.com/

just hover your mouse over the High Street picture …

Top of the High Street in Witney






I am not very savvy when it comes to computers!

So it is!

W I T N E Y!

Most of the boxes have been dealt with and it is looking like  HOME now

so I thought it was about time that I thought about my promise to make


not needed until 2011  – but I promised it by this September

(the organizers are wanting to produce a

book so, earlier the better)

I have decided

to make it mainly red, white and blue – our patriotic colours

and use the technique I learned joining in the  “Quilt As You Go” with

Penny at Sew Take a Hike


I already have part of a Jelly Roll of American Primer

American Primer Jelly Roll

which  I   L O V E,   LOVE,  LOVE ….

still I  would be happy to share it with an Athlete! :0)

So  tomorrow I will pop in at my new local fabric shop


and choose some complimentary red, white and blue fabrics.

THEN by the weekend I may be able to get in

the starting block and  GO FOR IT!

If you are interested in making a quilt for the London Olympics

check out the web site:


“The “Gift of a Quilt” is open to anyone, any age, any skills,

it can be an individual, a group of friends,

a village project, a school project,

a community project involving care homes,

day centre’s, all you need to be able to do is hold a needle.

We will endeavour to keep the total updated as often as possible.

It is not too late to make a quilt and register it with us.

In fact register before you finish it so we know how many we have got coming in.

The quilt here is a detail of one made by the Clifton Quilters for the Project.

by Clifton Quilters

500 is the goal, 271 registered so far”

Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt-Along


“Friends are those who nourish the spirit.”

It’s not often that a collection of fabrics makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. This recipe has a spoon full of sugar that melts the heart and soothes the soul. Bright, happy colors and beautifully painted motifs designed by Mary Engelbreit for Moda.

I love this range, my curtain in the kitchen is a patchwork of “Recipe” charms and it just makes me smile  – even on a grey day!

I bought my JR at sale offer price – it doesn’t seem to be around any more – so if you find it I would seriously recommend you push your boat out and buy whatever you can afford … it’s so worth it! And it will make YOU smile on a grey day!  :0)

I have used my Recipe Jelly Roll for the Jelly Roll Quilt Along from http://moosequilts.blogspot.com

The second block has been designed by April Mazzolini who gives quite a frank account of how she designed it! So encouraging to read how she “Made do and mended” her original block. Her blog is at http://april-makingendsmeet.blogspot.com/

Here is my second Jelly Roll Sampler Block …..  the green one ……  hope you like it!

Jelly Roll Quilt Along


As I only had one Jelly Roll and it  seemed too special to use for

no particular reason ….  when I saw this idea from Konda at


I decided to join in this Jelly Roll Quilt Along as I thought it would be a

good use of my Recipe for Friendship JR!

Each block will be designed by a different person.

So here is my first 12″ block

and tomorrow we will get our instructions for the next block design.

It is really inspiring and fun ….. from a Crafty Person’s point of view!