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spring! it’s official!


Wordsworth saw a “host of golden daffodils”

I haven’t seen that …


have you noticed the buds on the trees where you live ….

here in Oxfordshire it is a delight to see the Weeping Willow,

a green cascade down to the river ….

the Elder, in our garden has started to leaf ….

and the blossom on the Blackthorn on the footpath –

beauty in scrub land …

but I don’t know how much you know about the Laurel ….

there is of course the Bay Laurel

“The Laurus Nobilis belongs to the Lauraceae family.

The Bay Laurel is an evergreen tree typically found in the mediterranean

and produces the bay leaf which is used so commonly in Mediterranean cooking”

(best to remove the hearts before using in cooking!)

then there is …

The Portuguese Laurel

Laurel, Portugal - Bareroot



This ….

I S …..   exciting!……

here in Oxfordshire there is a very rare kind of Laurel,

in fact

it is only in very isolated pockets of Oxfordshire ….

here it is in it’s Spring Time flowering ….

Ha Ha! how pretty!

I have had a count up of my hexies,

to date, sewn up into rows,

I have 1100

I am amazed, how did I get so many!

Well, I suppose just one at a time :0)


I guess Bella would prefer a Laurel Ball Tree …  :0)

or one of these ….

canon ball tree fruit: large hard shelled fruit of the cannonball tree

it’s a Cannon-ball tree that I saw in South Africa!


thanks for stopping by ….

from Bella and me ….

hope to see you again soon :0)

This and That


How boring!

(and out of focus!)

But with a little bit of this ….

and and little bit of that

….. much better!

Ah! Decopatch!


link to the gorgeous shop and on line  place to get started.

and Hexies are coming along ….

these are Freebird by MoMo for Moda

just cut off the end of a Jelly Roll …..

I must have at least 350 now

so for a change of pace I started joining

into strips ….. I love the Retro look of these patches ….

and last but not least for This and That ….

justa little look

at the Olympic Quilt coming along ….

I thought I would be Patriotic and have red, white and blue :0)

I do hope it is good enough when it is finished!

Till next time ….

PS forgot to say that all This and That

added up to lots of very happy

20 Minuters!

(Fiona our lovely 20 Minuters leader has just left a comment too …. shucks!)

http://marmaladerose.blogspot.com/ pop along and just sample her

non-fattening cupcakes! Scrumptious!

Well, Till next time ….

Decopatch! Love it!


If you haven’t tried this brilliant craft yet, I recommend it


Though it must be said …..  it is Very Addictive!

This was a plain ordinary card box bought from  ……


But then the fun begins!

I didn’t have a colour, or theme or even an

idea, just using up bits I had left over.

Do you want to see what is the special job  for this box?

OK! ….

It is …..

my ……

Hexie Store Box :0) for my hexie quilt along with


236  so far :0)  a long way to go!


as I said, Decopatching IS ADDICTIVE

and so …..


a few more coat hangers!

these are for someone special :0)

Happy decopatching …… have a happy day!