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This is Bonamanzi

one of the places we stayed at on our journey

we saw a lot and we learned a lot about the creatures

and about the history of the area.

On returning home and clicking back into Blogland I was

very interested to see that Sarah at Dolly Donation is having

a pause for a while,

but she recommended a new Dolly Drive through ….

the very area I had just visited!

Uthando is the Zulu word for Love,

although thousands and thousands have

already been made and distributed

they still need Thousands and Thousands more.

They have a fantastic  downloadable workbook

“How to make a doll”

with lots of ideas for hair, features and clothes.

I fully intend to get busy …..


But I got side tracked by another project …….

details coming soon!

Whatever you do this week, may you enjoy crafting something special.

TaDaa! just hanging about!


At last …..

my Jelly Roll Quilt is Finished!

here it is ….. just Hanging up ….

I really enjoyed this project from Konda at


it is all still on her blog if anyone was interested in having a go.

I didn’t do all of the blocks, but I did do more than one of some ….

the ones I liked to do the best!

Here it is all folded and ready for the bed …

Ah! I do like it :0) and Bella too xxxx

But my quilt isn’t the only thing Hanging around!

I can’t get enough of these …..

D E C O P A T C H!  Yeh!!

two new green DECOPATCH coat hangers ….. mmmmmm :0)

and last but not least …..

Alfredo and Bertina

are Hanging around in sunny California

awaiting their flight to Haiti :0

check out their traveling buddies at


what a lot of friends :0)

Come Fly with Me! …. Dolly Donations … and …


The time has come!

It is time to say “Goodbye Betina …. Goodbye Alfredo”

Here they are ….. on the first stage of their journey …..

to be posted …..

“well, are we going then – to the post office?”

(Bella is always ready for ANYTHING!)

“yes, in a minute!”

THEN on they go to California ….

from there they will be sent off to Haiti after the 1st November

to arrive …. ?  I don’t know when!

But I hope there are two friends there to love them

and that Betina and Alfredo ….. in the words of Jimmy Durante …..

Make someone happy,
Make just one someone happy;
Make just one heart the heart you sing to.
One smile that cheers you,
One face that lights when it nears you,

Make someone happy,
Make just one someone happy,
And you will be happy, too. …………….

That is just how I feel about Dolly Donations,

if Betina and Alfredo make just two someones happy ……

then I will be happy too!

I send a BIG THANKYOU to Sarah at Dolly Donations


for the privilege, and opportunity  she has given me to share in her vision. :0)

also ready to post away ….

a new Soldier Quilt

this makes me happy too.

Dolly Donations


Please say a Big Hello to BETINA  AND ALFREDO

all excited about their first  flight on a plane   …..

their first stop  is USA to meet Sarah at


Then when she is sorted for them their onward flight to


and to meet their special new friends ……

at   http://www.freethekids.org/

Here is their new home :0)

Betina has a Tote bag and Alfredo a rucksack so they can have

their passports handy for Immigration and Customs  :0)

I have grown quite fond of these little friends …. but they are heading to happy hugs

so I will just say a fond goodbye and wing them on their way ……

with hugs and kisses xxxxxx

Dolly Donations


Let me introduce you to


who will soon be heading off to Haiti via the USA

But just now ….. she is sitting around waiting for Alfredo to show up ……

(they have a joint air ticket )……

but he is late in the making.

When he arrives they will wing their happy way to Sarah at


Betina is made from

Free Dolly Pattern

on Sarah’s blog ……

Must dash now and look for fabric for Alfredo!

See you soon


Betina and Alfredo are my part of this idea

click on the button on the righthand column for more inspiration :0)