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Decopatch Gallery



to my little decopatch Gallery.

Each picture is worked on canvas and is of a particular place ….

places that hold special memories for me …

So without further ado here is

The Derbyshire Level …

I love leaning on a gate and this one has lots of memories for me


the next one is special because it is the first time Bella went to the seaside ….

the sand dunes at Christchurch beach


the next two are really part of the same walk, a very big favourite of mine

the falling down dry stone wall makes a welcome stopping place,

a flask of coffee and a cookie,

then carry on the walk to ….

The Bluebell wood

 ….. I had better explain!

First of all, the idea of this kind of design was inspired by the picture Lucy has

on her mantlepiece, I think it is from an artist in New Zealand. Her work is

based on the old fashioned Test Card that used to appear on the television screen,

and is worked in pastels and watercolour.

Mine is decopatch and is a continuation of the path from the dry stone wall ….

walk along to the gate  and pass the small trees,

the blue in the circle is the carpet of Bluebells,

 some trees were still coming out of being winter trees,

and the starry sky …. well whether it is night or day, the bluebells would still be there

waiting for visitors just like me!


I hope you like my “art” gallery! Thank you for visiting :0)


I think if you click on the photos they will go bigger.

from Bella and me xx

Lucy’s colours


What a Wonderful Christmas Present :0)

Special DK 100g 17 Assorted colours Pack

apparently it came from Masons of Abingdon


who actually have Lucy’s colours already packaged – all 17 of them!

Special DK 100g 17 Assorted colours Pack

they also have a super selection of Stylecraft yarns

I couldn’t decide then what to do …..

ripple, granny stripe? ripple, granny stripe? ripple ….

well in the end

I decided on ….

Granny Stripe

I’m   L O V I N G  every hooking minute!

and it is growing ….. very quickly …..

It is so scrumptious! All thanks to Lucy!

What an Inspiration she is :0)

if you haven’t visited attic24 yet …. pop over soon ….


It also goes rather well with my decopatch window light …

I  L O V E  decopatch too!

Happy Rainbows …..

till next time XX



One of my favourite sights at this time of the year …..

Rape seed fields!

I love the colour,

the sight and the scent….

on this walk you actually walk between two fields and it is stunning,

it is a walk that leads to the bluebell woods.


Back home I wanted to have my own rape seed field!

so here it is …..

in Decopatch!

whatever you are doing ….. enjoy the sun :0)

Val & Bella xx

Decopatch …. how to!


Decopatch is fab!

It’s a funky, very addictive papercraft that’s amazingly simple to use,

a modern twist on the traditional decoupage.

All you need is the paper …….

the object that you’re going to cover and the special glue varnish.

Believe me , you’ll find projects everywhere,

you can cover practically anything:

old furniture, glass, wood, stone, cardboard…

So here we go!

1. Choose your object – it can be anything!  I am using an old photo frame ….

2. Cut or tear your paper into small pieces – about postage stamp size.

(First make sure the label on the back of the paper is removed)

(sorry that it looks like a plate of vegetables ….. green is my colour of the moment!)

3. Paint some glue onto your object, making sure the area is bigger than the piece of paper

4. Use the brush to place a piece of paper on the object

5. Paint a thin coat of glue varnish over the paper

6. Repeat steps 3-5 until your obejct is completely covered.  Check there are no bare patches!

here I have done all the front facing edges before starting on the top

and sides …..

7. Hey Presto – you’re a Decopatcher!

8. And now you can look for your next project!


and of course …..  my favourite! ….

coat hangers :0)

All my materials are from The Decopatch Place …. visit their website


for quick and very friendly service …..   and …..

E N J O Y!

Please click on the photos to enlarge …. and let me know if you

become …..

A D D I C T E D!

Have fun :0)

This and That


How boring!

(and out of focus!)

But with a little bit of this ….

and and little bit of that

….. much better!

Ah! Decopatch!


link to the gorgeous shop and on line  place to get started.

and Hexies are coming along ….

these are Freebird by MoMo for Moda

just cut off the end of a Jelly Roll …..

I must have at least 350 now

so for a change of pace I started joining

into strips ….. I love the Retro look of these patches ….

and last but not least for This and That ….

justa little look

at the Olympic Quilt coming along ….

I thought I would be Patriotic and have red, white and blue :0)

I do hope it is good enough when it is finished!

Till next time ….

PS forgot to say that all This and That

added up to lots of very happy

20 Minuters!

(Fiona our lovely 20 Minuters leader has just left a comment too …. shucks!)

http://marmaladerose.blogspot.com/ pop along and just sample her

non-fattening cupcakes! Scrumptious!

Well, Till next time ….

TaDaa! just hanging about!


At last …..

my Jelly Roll Quilt is Finished!

here it is ….. just Hanging up ….

I really enjoyed this project from Konda at


it is all still on her blog if anyone was interested in having a go.

I didn’t do all of the blocks, but I did do more than one of some ….

the ones I liked to do the best!

Here it is all folded and ready for the bed …

Ah! I do like it :0) and Bella too xxxx

But my quilt isn’t the only thing Hanging around!

I can’t get enough of these …..

D E C O P A T C H!  Yeh!!

two new green DECOPATCH coat hangers ….. mmmmmm :0)

and last but not least …..

Alfredo and Bertina

are Hanging around in sunny California

awaiting their flight to Haiti :0

check out their traveling buddies at


what a lot of friends :0)

Decopatch! Love it!


If you haven’t tried this brilliant craft yet, I recommend it


Though it must be said …..  it is Very Addictive!

This was a plain ordinary card box bought from  ……


But then the fun begins!

I didn’t have a colour, or theme or even an

idea, just using up bits I had left over.

Do you want to see what is the special job  for this box?

OK! ….

It is …..

my ……

Hexie Store Box :0) for my hexie quilt along with


236  so far :0)  a long way to go!


as I said, Decopatching IS ADDICTIVE

and so …..


a few more coat hangers!

these are for someone special :0)

Happy decopatching …… have a happy day!

A crafty gift


While on the subject of woolly things I thought I would share

a little happy time I had recently …..

In the summer my oldest friend

(though she isn’t old, at least 15 years younger than me,

but she IS my oldest friend because we have been friends since about 1978ish)

came to visit …..

Angie  lives in New Zealand and so a visit from her is

VERY SPECIAL and looked forward to with great anticipation …..

She is very gifted in many ways, but she  is a very gifted pianist.

We first met when she was studying and for 50p and her tea she taught our boys piano!

We were very privileged :0)

But I want to show my pressy that Angie made for me and popped in the post

aren’t they GORGEOUS!

they came in the post because they weren’t quite finished when she had to go …

How about a closer peep …

The yarn is Kaffe Fassett and the pattern is called

Mermaid …… because it twirls round like her tail!

This is Angie’s 40th pair of socks …… and not a pair for her yet!

Ever Hopeful!

OK ….. in a minute then !

Whatever you are doing …… have a good day!

I’m addicted to decopatch coathangers!

20 Minuters


It is absolutely  AGES since I showed anything to do with my

20 MINUTERS commitment – it is very lacks of me

and my apologies to my Leader Fiona! http://marmaladerose.blogspot.com/

Truth is I just didn’t have a camera available

but also Truth is I have been 20 Minutering just the same!

Sometimes patchwork, sometimes crochet and sometimes


I love Decopatching ……

Here’s my favourites of the moment …..

I am totally smitten  :0)   :0)   :0)

and now I live within walking distance of ….


well, the sky is the limit!