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up up and away


They Arrived!

Two happy REB’s (raw edged bears)

had a long haul flight to Colarado, but seem to have survived it well!

They have gone to stay with Curious Lottie for a short visit before

she packages them up with LOTS of others and bundles them off

to Japan.

Take a peek at the blog, I love the dolls she makes ……


for little children …


oooohhh! it just gives me goosebumps to see them!

They arrived at Red Gingham and Sarah will send them on to Christchurch :0)


you can see lots of other lovely things that will be wending their way through Sarah

and friends

to Christchurch …. with love  xx



Cherry Blossoms: Cherry Blossoms

If anyone in UK is interested in sending

quilts for Japan

I understand

Midsomer Quilting in Sommerset

is happy to receive them and direct them on to Japan.

their details and a little about them:

“Midsomer Quilting is less a shop, more
the home of friends with fabric for sale.
Helen Conway (Liverpool)

Our shop is out in the country (10 miles from Bath and 16 from Bristol),

in old farm buildings in the grounds of Norton Green Garden Centre in Chilcompton.

You’ll find that we have plenty of free parking space within a few feet of our door,

and excellent wheelchair access to both the shop and our workshop.”


otherwise after the 1st May they can be sent to:

Naomi Ichikawa
Patchwork Tsushin Co.,Ltd
2-21-2,Yushima,Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo,Japan zip:113-0034


apparently there are nearly 500 000 people in shelters and it is cold.

ready to go …..

although I have been using it  …..

I would like it to warm someone in more need than me.

Thanks for stopping by …

Val xx

and again ! …..


well I can’t vouch for it being

JUST 15 minutes …

in fact it certainly wasn’t

BUT I can vouch for it being


AGAIN!! :0)

this morning  this ….

Became ….

(sorry about the photo!)

I was having so much fun and couldn’t wait to make

them turn into …..


and they will soon be on their way to ….

Evie at http://heartsforchristchurch.blogspot.com/

Hearts for Christchurch

she says

“Two heart shapes sewn together, stuffed or not, embellished, embroidered,

CQ’d,quilted, plain or fancy, anything goes.

Add a loop for hanging. Choose your size.

For ease of posting, envelope size is a good measurment.

You can send them flat just add a note ‘To be stuffed’.

Sign (or not), add a message and where the hearts are from.

This is a small measure of something nice to give in this terrible time.”

these are just three from Evie’s blog …. from California


If you have 15 minutes to play ….

why not have a heart for New Zealand ….

and send it with love :0)

have a playful weekend!

from Bella and me :0)

new zealand with love ….


“Lets join our hands and our hearts and make a

special softie (handmade soft toy)

to be loved by a child who has been affected by the devastating earthquake

in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Leonie at


is collecting

softies and dolls

for the children devastated by the recent earthquake in New Zealand.

She’s looking for …..

sewn, knitted, crocheted toys for babies,

toddlers, and children of any age.

If you’re interested in helping please pop over to her blog and leave a comment under her post

with your e-mail.

She’ll contact you with an address to send them to ASAP!”


I thank Sarah at Dolly Donations for this posting.


It is something that we can do …..

however far away New Zealand may be ….

sharing a little love one stitch at a time.


Thanks for stopping by

from Val and Bella xx

snail trails blog trails


snail, snail

silver trail

how will you go

fast or slow

leaving your silver trail.

Click to see an enlarged picture

blog trails are like silver snail trails

leaving a trail behind

that invites

us to follow …..

my silver trail started for me  with Texas Freckles and the idea

of 1 inch hexagons ……


because of joining the Hexie addiction, I found other like minded

Texas Hexies – one of them being

Valentina :0)


silver trail ….. silver trail …. where will you lead?

Valentina lead me to someone who showed her how to hand quilt …

Kristine at To Quilt or Knot


which changed my quilting and crafting life and now I am a virtual team member!

silver trail …… silver trail …… where will you lead now?

Kristine was seeking to have 50 quilts made by Christmas to

give to orphanages in Thessalonika ….. if she ended up with more than she needed

she would pass them on to

Benjamin Orphan Support


and this is where my silver trail lead me to :0)

So ….

What is so special about Benjamin?

First I would say ….

visit their site and see for yourself   :0)  ….

for me

I felt inspired,


and emotionally involved.

Here is just a little glimpse of what they do,

and how they came in to being  ….

“BENJAMIN Orphan Child Support Society

is a non-profit philanthropic organization

based in Katerini, Northern Greece, since 1994.

It is founded and supervised by men and women

who grew up in an Evangelical orphanage, during the 1950’s.”

They say ….  “In 1994,

grateful for the love and support we received

during those 1950’s difficult civil war years,

from people from the United States who did not know us but who knew the love of God,

we established BENJAMIN

to help other orphans and abandoned children.”

This picture was taken in 1985

“This photograph taken in 1985

is the first time in 33 years that the first orphans kids had been together again.”

Reading, I was inspired by the

Testimonies, the Projects and their LOVE and committment

I wanted to be involved in some way …..

but what to do?

To support prayerfully …. yes

To support financially ….. I hope to

but like Alison with her Sunshine School

I wanted something tangible to do …..

Was there something for me ……


(sorry about the poor photo quality)

This family of Raw Edged Bears are on their way to little hands and
happy bedtimes :0)
the first batch of many more to come!

I hope you too visit Harry and Joan Anastasiou at Benjamin Orphan Support

Benjamin provide for 120 orphans on their Programme

plus 150 children who still live with their single mums struggling

on a tiny income.

Every child is known and valued by Harry and Joan.

Whatever you do today ….

I hope you too follow a silvery blog trail …..

Picture showing Garden Snail

to who knows where!

from Bella and Me ….

and two more Raw Edged Bears ….

Bye for now and thanks for stopping by :0)

to Thessalonika with love …. (2)



it is the month for Valentines …..

for sending love …..

happy valentines

kissing couple

But for me …..

it is also the second month of my New Year’s Resolution …

to make

“a quilt top a month for Kristine”


So here is

the February Quilt Top


to Thessalonika with love

Patchwork heart clip art graphic

I just love the lovely Hushabye fabric supplied by

Julia at Cross Patch


it reminds me of sugared almonds!

well ……

it looks as though

I have to go …..

who could resist????


OK :0)

till next time then ……


V & B xxx

Red hearts web divider border graphic



I just received this email this morning …. apparently Doris and Edward had a good journey on Qantas!

Hi Val,
Your gorgeous bears arrived today safe and sound! They really are so lovely!! Have a huge box load of softies heading out to the Lockyer Valley (one of the most devastated areas) and some heading off to Ipswich. Thanks so much for your support!
Wishing you a wonderful week.
Steph 🙂 x x


see my posting To Australia with love

to make your own Daisy or Edward get the free pattern and tutorial here: