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Hello New Blog!…. goodbye old


Bella Bag’s blog is sadly coming to an end …… something technical …… Soooooooo …

Here is a Big Welcome from Bella and me  – to You, to our new home in Blogland!

Thank you for stopping by and  please add our new address


in place of Bella Bag’s Blog.

The little quilt as you go “house coat ” was Bella’s Christmas present ….. cute?

The house was pretty cold so it ‘s fleece lined and VERY cozy :0)


In closing I thought I would add this …..

it’s from a February 2010 posting ….    (you could say Vintage Bella!)

I hope you like it!

Bella L O V E S .….
Crisp snowy days …..
windy blustery days ….
NOT rainy days!

But her BEST days ….
are sunny, summer days,
running in meadow days!
…… Soon to come days.

Whatever you are doing …….

Have a Good Day!


Gosh! That seems so long ago now!

Well we hope to see you around again very soon,

from Bella and Me …. have a lovely week XX

au revoir


Bella and I will be away for a little while

so we would like to leave

a few meadow moments with you ….

We call this ….

Buttercup Meadow

as you look at the scene hear in your mind

the sound of the cuckoo for that is the sound we could hear

in our beautiful, beautiful Buttercup meadow

Bella listening to the cuckoo!

The meadow a couple of months ago …..

Beautiful! Bountiful! Buttercupful!

Beautiful! Bountiful! Buttercpful! Bellaful!

Bye for now xxx


Still thinking of Jelly Roll fun

“here is one I made earlier!” – last winter in fact ….

I loved it … LOVED to wear it,

it took just part of a Jelly Roll and some of a Layer cake

so I have decided

that during the summer this is going to be my main focus ….

another patchwork jacket ready for the winter!

I would only make a few minor changes next time ….

certainly give myself POCKETS!

I really miss them and perhaps will add some to this one ….

it is soooooooooo comfy and cozy!


I have this gorgeous

Moda Luna Notte jelly roll

Luna Notte Jelly Roll  by Three Sisters

my original is fleece backed, but I may make this one a real quilted jacket :0)

and perhaps …

there might even be

a few Jelly strips left over for ….

Bella :0)

What do you think?

I had better get on with it then!



One of my favourite sights at this time of the year …..

Rape seed fields!

I love the colour,

the sight and the scent….

on this walk you actually walk between two fields and it is stunning,

it is a walk that leads to the bluebell woods.


Back home I wanted to have my own rape seed field!

so here it is …..

in Decopatch!

whatever you are doing ….. enjoy the sun :0)

Val & Bella xx

thank you! ….


Have you met Teje and Nero?

if you haven’t then it is one of those things and times in life that are a


I can promise you a delightful time ….

but why am I telling you this?

Well, a short time ago Teje arrived at 100 blogs and had a give away …..

Nero pointed out my name and so I have a prize ….

Today it arrived!

Can you see who opened it????

The minute the postman gets anything into the letter box

Bella grabs it, shakes it, and shakes it again!

That is not a piece of bread in the bottom right hand corner ….. it is from a

parcel that was delivered at the same time!

BUT what a lovely, interesting parcel ….

for Bella and me!

What is inside the lovely green bag?

herbs ….. a delightful scent, rosemary and marjoram …. mmmmmm :0)

a treat for Bella and a personal card …..

Thank You Teje and Nero ….

and if you haven’t experienced the pleasure of a visit to Teje for yourself

I suggest you hot foot it over and ENJOY!


if you scroll down to the 28th of March you will see for yourself the exciting way that my name



Thanks Nero …. I love opening parcels :0)

see you again soon!

spring! it’s official!


Wordsworth saw a “host of golden daffodils”

I haven’t seen that …


have you noticed the buds on the trees where you live ….

here in Oxfordshire it is a delight to see the Weeping Willow,

a green cascade down to the river ….

the Elder, in our garden has started to leaf ….

and the blossom on the Blackthorn on the footpath –

beauty in scrub land …

but I don’t know how much you know about the Laurel ….

there is of course the Bay Laurel

“The Laurus Nobilis belongs to the Lauraceae family.

The Bay Laurel is an evergreen tree typically found in the mediterranean

and produces the bay leaf which is used so commonly in Mediterranean cooking”

(best to remove the hearts before using in cooking!)

then there is …

The Portuguese Laurel

Laurel, Portugal - Bareroot



This ….

I S …..   exciting!……

here in Oxfordshire there is a very rare kind of Laurel,

in fact

it is only in very isolated pockets of Oxfordshire ….

here it is in it’s Spring Time flowering ….

Ha Ha! how pretty!

I have had a count up of my hexies,

to date, sewn up into rows,

I have 1100

I am amazed, how did I get so many!

Well, I suppose just one at a time :0)


I guess Bella would prefer a Laurel Ball Tree …  :0)

or one of these ….

canon ball tree fruit: large hard shelled fruit of the cannonball tree

it’s a Cannon-ball tree that I saw in South Africa!


thanks for stopping by ….

from Bella and me ….

hope to see you again soon :0)



Did you know that 15 minutes

S  T  R  E  T  C  H  E  R  R  R  R  S  ?????

It really does …..

well one minute leads to another

and another

and so on and so on!!

In fact you just don’t know where your allocated 15 minutes flies off to ….

that is if your 15 Minutes is with Victoria


she says it is making new fabric

and I just love it!

seriously it is VERY hard to stop!

I now have 35 of these darlings …..

and I just  C A N ‘ T  stop!!!

I love making my blocks which one day will be ?

Who knows!

But it doesn’t matter :0)

As I have been scrabbling around in my scrap box and finding bits here and there

odd shapes, tiny fragments, forgotten fabulous fabrics,

memories of each making comes back to mind and I was thinking today ….

“may God patch together the scraps and fragments of my life, the odd shapes,

the forgotten memories, the rough and the smooth

and make me

into something useful, practical and beautiful in His service.”

that is my prayer.

from Bella and Me ….

on our Spring walk abouts ….

thanks for stopping by and we hope you have a lovely week …. :0)

to Thessalonika with love …. (2)



it is the month for Valentines …..

for sending love …..

happy valentines

kissing couple

But for me …..

it is also the second month of my New Year’s Resolution …

to make

“a quilt top a month for Kristine”


So here is

the February Quilt Top


to Thessalonika with love

Patchwork heart clip art graphic

I just love the lovely Hushabye fabric supplied by

Julia at Cross Patch


it reminds me of sugared almonds!

well ……

it looks as though

I have to go …..

who could resist????


OK :0)

till next time then ……


V & B xxx

Red hearts web divider border graphic



I just received this email this morning …. apparently Doris and Edward had a good journey on Qantas!

Hi Val,
Your gorgeous bears arrived today safe and sound! They really are so lovely!! Have a huge box load of softies heading out to the Lockyer Valley (one of the most devastated areas) and some heading off to Ipswich. Thanks so much for your support!
Wishing you a wonderful week.
Steph 🙂 x x


see my posting To Australia with love

to make your own Daisy or Edward get the free pattern and tutorial here: