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Quiet Book or Busy Book


I had seen QUIET/ BUSY BOOKS on many blogs and I decided


so my journey began…..

I say journey because it took in many aspects before even cutting into any fabric …

a few decisions had to be thought about first:

How many activity pages?

How to fasten the pages together?

What size?

What activities did I want to include?

BUT my one criterion was


no bits to get lost!

With that in mind I thought I would show a few pages each week

with a comment or two ….

So here is page 1

The velcro shapes live inside, and are attached to the pocket by ricrac,

also attached to the pocket outside ….

is a waistcoat buckle to undo,

this also fastens with a velcro tab,

(the two slide up and down buttons are just to fiddle with!)


simple shape recognition and hand eye co-ordination

page 2

a sorting page,

novelty buttons attached to coloured ribbon to sort into pockets

two for each colour, : red car, scissors, yellow rabbit, blue house etc.

ribbons fastened under black velvet ribbon for sensory touch,


early problem solving and colour recognition


in a pocket on the inside cover of the book lives ……

a concertina

I Spy book!


this encourages:-

language development, adult participation,

observation and FUN!

I   L O V E D making this flip flap concertina book :0)

for a tutorial skip along to …..

I will add the next few pages each Wednesday….. so

till next few pages are due,

Bye for now xx

Mary Poppins two


One place I had in mind that was a  BIG MUST  to visit


You see the fantastic giraffe and elephant?

Well, can you believe that someone

drew up in a car, hopped out, put them in the back of their car

and drove away.

Pinched them!

Shame on them!

What could you say to the policeman?

Anyway, I wanted to go there desperately after being introduced to

Decopatching through Lucy at Attic 24

(November/December 2009)

She made the  L O V E  sign and made-over her lampshade

by using this fantastic craft called Decopatch.

So, when the family had trotted of to work I hot-footed it down to the

High Street to

The Pottery Place where lovely Grace patiently waited

while I changed my mind so many times as to just What I Wanted to Make!

There are so many options!

So many gorgeous papers!

On that FIRST day ( yes, I couldn’t keep away!) I decided

on the letters  L O V E  for my lovely family’s wedding anniversary.

mine was in wine/purples

I couldn’t wait to start it,

I couldn’t stop once I did start it,

then I wanted to do more when it was finished!

It is very addictive and therapuetic and absolutely Nothing is Safe

because ANY article could be improved upon by

Decopatching it!! ….. except perhaps crochet, well it wouldn’t stick would it?

(Check out their Gallery page)

Anyway, I bought myself a mid sized giraffe to take home – I had to change

my elephant for a lizard as Nelly wouldn’t fit in my case.

Why don’t you pop over to

and take a look for yourself …. they do post orders too……

but be warned …. IT CAN BE ADDICTIVE …. but in a good sort of way!

and now ….. Introducing …….

drum roll I think …..

Geraldine Giraffe

what do you think? Isn’t she just G O R G E O U S?

20 Minuters


I have been busy for a while now, off and on, making paper pieced Dresden Plates.

I really enjoy the experience of hand piecing.

Tacking the fabric shapes over their backing papers and stitching them together to create a new textile ….. yes, it is very absorbing and satisfying.

You can become totally immersed in the process of

choosing the scraps …….

tacking on to the papers …….

then arranging each piece into the desired sequence for your plate ……

Yes, it  is very rewarding and the slower pace than machine patching is quite therapeutic.

When it’s all put together, I think the softer look that the stitches produce lends charm and individuality to the finished piece. Well, I hope so anyway! But  I don’t know what they will end up being – a quilt, a throw, place mats ??? Who knows! I am happy to be making them just now so I will wait until I have enough to decide. :0)

It is thought that the Dresden Plate design originated in America in the 1930’s when it would have been made up using small scale dress prints on a white background.

So here are two of my plates coming along,

bit by bit,

20 Minutes at a time!

What do you think?

Click to enlarge photo

Jelly Roll Sampler Quilt-Along


“Friends are those who nourish the spirit.”

It’s not often that a collection of fabrics makes you all warm and fuzzy inside. This recipe has a spoon full of sugar that melts the heart and soothes the soul. Bright, happy colors and beautifully painted motifs designed by Mary Engelbreit for Moda.

I love this range, my curtain in the kitchen is a patchwork of “Recipe” charms and it just makes me smile  – even on a grey day!

I bought my JR at sale offer price – it doesn’t seem to be around any more – so if you find it I would seriously recommend you push your boat out and buy whatever you can afford … it’s so worth it! And it will make YOU smile on a grey day!  :0)

I have used my Recipe Jelly Roll for the Jelly Roll Quilt Along from

The second block has been designed by April Mazzolini who gives quite a frank account of how she designed it! So encouraging to read how she “Made do and mended” her original block. Her blog is at

Here is my second Jelly Roll Sampler Block …..  the green one ……  hope you like it!

20 Minuters


This has been a great crafty group to belong to.  I really have been inspired to “do my bit” most days and enjoy the diversity it has given me. Here is my latest post for my efforts …. a fabric flower!

Looking at it makes me smile.  It reminds me of a silly song popular on the “wireless” when I was growing up ….. “I’m a lonely little Petunia in an onion patch …… and all I do is cry all day”

The great spin off of belonging to a crafty group like Fiona of (the Originator of the 20 Minuters) is that you meet up with other inspiring crafting folks ……. Like for example …… Alison at

We have never met, but through this lovely internet group I have found that I have lots in common with Alison and I am really encouraged by her writings (I wish I could write like Alison!)  her exuberance and her creativity.

Take a look and see what I mean!

You won’t be disappointed!

I’m sure you WILL be inspired!

20 Minuters x 2


Meet Blessings Bear = Two sessions of 20 Minuters!

Little Blessings”  Andover fabric by Nancy Davis Murty

and it says  ….

“May you always be blessed with many successes in life ….

May you grow up to be gentle and strong in both

character and life ….

May you always find joys in life ……

May you always know that you are loved …….”

and lots of other lovely sayings.

My Blessings Bear for little grandson J :0)

I hope he loves it!



During the summer my Daisy Patch friend, Linz,  holidayed in Florida and had a wonderful time in the realm of American Patchwork shops! She had a hard time to choose, but eventually settled on some gorgeous batik fat quarters for us to share together.

So here is my work in progress for a summer sofa throw …..

With a little help from Bella!




Sometimes when you are just mooching about in Blogland you just happen to come across a Place that is Just So Inspiring, and you spend half an hour or more going from one page to the next and you don’t even notice how time flies!

Well that was me yesterday.

From “somewhere” I just “happened” across

And time just  W E N T!   It just  F L E W!

Aneela is a very proficient,  prolific and totally INSPIRING Mum who loves to quilt, sew, crochet, craft and is ALWAYS STITCHING!

I LOVE her site, I have happily wandered around the pages again today and I seem to keep finding  something else that makes me say:

“Oh, that is so nice” or

“I must have a go at that” or

“Wow! That is just gorgeous!”

The two tutorials here are just a few of the free tutorials she has so generously included in her blog.  I want to make a start on the little Blocky Munki quilt for my little J.

Girlswing text Blockymunkibutton

If you haven’t met up with Aneela yet ……. skip along for some serious INSPIRATION!

Think I’ll go and find my embroidery ring!

20 Minuters


Well, now I am officially signed up! So I thought I would show what I have been busy with for my first edition!

The idea is not my own but came from here

Thinking of the Owl family and my need for toys for baby J, I thought,

“What a great idea for a stacking, hiding things under, memory game toy!”

So I busied myself and made six with matching tiny ball to hide under the wigwam.  I was soooooo pleased with my new game.

Then I looked again at the name that Ashley called her little wigwam “Wee wee wigwam” – being English I thought this referred to the SIZE of the wigwam …. not to its use!  The penny dropped  (no pun intended re “spend a penny”) ….. here is the comments on Ashley’s blog:

Hi Ashley – I love your site and you are such an inspiration. Being English I had never heard or seen anything like this little creation ….. I thought it was a game for little ones! You know, you can stack them, whack them, wash them, chew them, and hide things under them …. that was what I thought they were …. so I made a set of six with six matching little balls to hide under for a memory game for my little grandson! How typically British!!! But I do like my little wigwam game. :0) Thankyou,

Val, that is HILARIOUS. I guess I should have fully defined what these are used for. But perfect… came up with a brilliant use for them. Haha!!

See Ashley for yourself at

Still it IS a BRILLIANT game and I would recommend anyone making a set for any toddler. :0)  Or it could be a multi-purpose toy!

Now “What next for a 20 Minuter?”