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20 Minuter


I am an ardent follower of  Cathleen at

(look for Storybook House) and Lucy at

If you haven’t yet discovered Lucy you MUST pop over to her attic!

Years ago there was a telly programme called “I Love Lucy.”  When you have been in the attic you will see why I, and many others, say : “We Love Lucy!”

Well, being there I realised again what fun little children can have with a little imagination and crocheted or patchworked blankets.  So that is my new intent for the grandchildren – they will have heaps of gorgeous blankets to make into tents, story houses, royal cloaks, camping in the garden or flying away on a magic carpet!

So with that intent in mind I have been a Happy 20 Minuter!

Following Lucy’s Hexagon tutorial I am making a start on my “Jewelled Crochet Blanket!”

Unfortunately it isn’t the gorgeous yarns that Lucy usually uses – just the ordinary stuff from the market – but I don’t think They will mind …. do you?

20 minuters crafts


Please drop in and encourage us!
A group of bloggers who promise to craft for a least 20 minutes every day, for a whole year.

Now that doesn’t sound like hard work but FUN! So I joined up ……. along with lots of other crafting bloggers. I have taken the pledge …… 20 minutes of crochet, sewing or patching …… how hard can that be!

All is revealed at: