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Come Fly with Me! …. Dolly Donations … and …


The time has come!

It is time to say “Goodbye Betina …. Goodbye Alfredo”

Here they are ….. on the first stage of their journey …..

to be posted …..

“well, are we going then – to the post office?”

(Bella is always ready for ANYTHING!)

“yes, in a minute!”

THEN on they go to California ….

from there they will be sent off to Haiti after the 1st November

to arrive …. ?  I don’t know when!

But I hope there are two friends there to love them

and that Betina and Alfredo ….. in the words of Jimmy Durante …..

Make someone happy,
Make just one someone happy;
Make just one heart the heart you sing to.
One smile that cheers you,
One face that lights when it nears you,

Make someone happy,
Make just one someone happy,
And you will be happy, too. …………….

That is just how I feel about Dolly Donations,

if Betina and Alfredo make just two someones happy ……

then I will be happy too!

I send a BIG THANKYOU to Sarah at Dolly Donations

for the privilege, and opportunity  she has given me to share in her vision. :0)

also ready to post away ….

a new Soldier Quilt

this makes me happy too.

A crafty gift


While on the subject of woolly things I thought I would share

a little happy time I had recently …..

In the summer my oldest friend

(though she isn’t old, at least 15 years younger than me,

but she IS my oldest friend because we have been friends since about 1978ish)

came to visit …..

Angie  lives in New Zealand and so a visit from her is

VERY SPECIAL and looked forward to with great anticipation …..

She is very gifted in many ways, but she  is a very gifted pianist.

We first met when she was studying and for 50p and her tea she taught our boys piano!

We were very privileged :0)

But I want to show my pressy that Angie made for me and popped in the post

aren’t they GORGEOUS!

they came in the post because they weren’t quite finished when she had to go …

How about a closer peep …

The yarn is Kaffe Fassett and the pattern is called

Mermaid …… because it twirls round like her tail!

This is Angie’s 40th pair of socks …… and not a pair for her yet!

Ever Hopeful!

OK ….. in a minute then !

Whatever you are doing …… have a good day!

I’m addicted to decopatch coathangers!

20 Minuters


Last winter, in preparation for long cold evenings,  I bought a fantastic book

200 crochet blocks for blankets, throws and afghans

by Jan Eaton

(Isn’t Bella cute!!! always ready to play!)

On moving to a new area I suddenly realized that

my old blue sofa was looking rather tatty to say the least. Looking through my book

for inspiration I found two squares that I quite liked the look of.

My original thought for a throw was to use all the same colour,

but then I do get rather bored after a while with “sameness”

– that was when I chose the second square to add a bit of variety.

Also different colours ….. I am quite happy with the end result though I will

probably extend the border ….. perhaps with another colour or two!

I do think it is an improvement at any rate :0)

and it will be cozy for the long cold winter evenings!

so that was  my 20 Minuters for a few weeks !

‘B’ is for …


Bella La Belle  – that’s what I call her …..

Beautiful Bella!

Beautiful Place – my town!

Beautiful Bella Bags

Blue Casablanca Bag

Beautiful Bike!

Bikes are Big with us!

‘B’ is for the Beautiful Things in my life  :0)

For which I am Bountifully Thankful!

Have a Beautiful, Bountiful Day!

(click image to enlarge – click again for even more!)

product photography by JTree Photos

Good Morning!


Bulls Head - Old Glossop Church Street South - Old Glossop Come rain, or shine, first walk of the day takes Bella and Me down the road – stopping at every corner and lamp post to check out who has already been on the road before us – and then as fast as her four little legs and bobbing up and down ears will take her there ……..

To her favourite place to go ……. The Park!

I like to go there too!:0)

We walk along by the river ……. sniffing out for squirrels ……..Manor Park - Stream

Manor Park - Bridges Over the bridge ……

to our favourite bench ……..

Wherever YOU go to this morning ……

from our bench we wish you …….

“Top ‘o The Morning….. Have a good day!”

Quiet Corner - Manor Park



In view of all the snow and snowy day pictures around in January …..  I thought we would have a view of Bella in a High Peak Meadow enjoying the sun and warm breezes of summer! :0)

The flowers we found were not rare species – just lovely meadow flowers, with lovely names:  Cow Parsley, Meadow Buttercup, Oxeye Daisy, Elderflower, Great Willow Herb, Forget-me-not, Ladies Mantel, Bluebell and Blackberry hedge …… just a High Peak Meadow on a beautiful day ……. and my Wild Flowers of Britain and Ireland book for identification.  Pictured here Dog Rose seen in the hedgerow on the way to the meadow.