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A Ta-Daa! moment




Kaffe Fassett Fabric Turkish Delight Gold (per 1/4 metre)Kaffe Fassett Fabric Paisley Jungle Green (per 1/4 metre)



well,  T A  –  D A A !!

it became……


Now, I grant that you may not see the connection …. so let me explain.

I would have chosen Kaffe Fassett fabric …. but I didn’t have any,

but I did have ..

some Recipe for Friendship Jelly Roll left.

The design I wanted was something that was a quick grab and go bag,

( Valentino is Very Fast!)

fun and bright,

with a little extra Italian joy …..

the button is big and black – like a tyre …..

that handles are chequered black and white – like the finish flag …..

and are topped with a button and bow….


it makes me  S M I L E !!!!

it’s my sunshine in a bag  :0)

I call it my Mugello Bag

(after the GP circuit!)

Hope you like it!

Mary Poppins two


One place I had in mind that was a  BIG MUST  to visit


You see the fantastic giraffe and elephant?

Well, can you believe that someone

drew up in a car, hopped out, put them in the back of their car

and drove away.

Pinched them!

Shame on them!

What could you say to the policeman?

Anyway, I wanted to go there desperately after being introduced to

Decopatching through Lucy at Attic 24

(November/December 2009)

She made the  L O V E  sign and made-over her lampshade

by using this fantastic craft called Decopatch.

So, when the family had trotted of to work I hot-footed it down to the

High Street to

The Pottery Place where lovely Grace patiently waited

while I changed my mind so many times as to just What I Wanted to Make!

There are so many options!

So many gorgeous papers!

On that FIRST day ( yes, I couldn’t keep away!) I decided

on the letters  L O V E  for my lovely family’s wedding anniversary.

mine was in wine/purples

I couldn’t wait to start it,

I couldn’t stop once I did start it,

then I wanted to do more when it was finished!

It is very addictive and therapuetic and absolutely Nothing is Safe

because ANY article could be improved upon by

Decopatching it!! ….. except perhaps crochet, well it wouldn’t stick would it?

(Check out their Gallery page)

Anyway, I bought myself a mid sized giraffe to take home – I had to change

my elephant for a lizard as Nelly wouldn’t fit in my case.

Why don’t you pop over to

and take a look for yourself …. they do post orders too……

but be warned …. IT CAN BE ADDICTIVE …. but in a good sort of way!

and now ….. Introducing …….

drum roll I think …..

Geraldine Giraffe

what do you think? Isn’t she just G O R G E O U S?

have bag will travel!


Well!    Partly for my Mother’s Day gift and partly for my

Birthday present, I was given the train ticket to spend a

week with my lovely family in Oxfordshire.

So …… my Mary Poppins bag and I set off!

The weather was just fantastic, and I had a wonderful time  –

my Bag worked out a treat!

Lots of room for lots of stuff …. and I found the little

handles really nice to hold …….

Next time, I hope to have a few photos of just what me and my bag got up to!

So off we go for a Springtime holiday in Oxfordshire :0)



Last April I had a short holiday HERE:

Gartmore House


“Gartmore House is a magnificent 18th century country mansion

set in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park Scotland,

offering all year round day and residential conferences and activity holidays.

Choose from our Watercolour Painting, Patchwork & Quilting or guided Walking holidays”

Obviously I chose the patchwork holiday …..

it was fantastic;

from being picked up at the Stirling station……

to the fabulous food and private room (no single supplement!) ……

to the excellent teaching and guidance from Clare Workman

It was worth every penny!

Anyway, I needed something to take my work kit in so I made ……


my Selvedge Bag.

I so like it!

That was Last April …..


I looked at my big balls of wool for my crochet chocolate and raspberry ripple blanket

all just stuffed in a plastic bag

(a plain plastic bag not even a Tesco or Sainsbury’s bag!)

and I thought “that just will not do!”

So I got out my selvedges again and made a ……


side one!


side two!

my new bigger selvedge bag ….

to take my blanket around with me …… or anything else for that matter,

and I really like it!

What do you think?

It has ties at the side so the bag can expand out or just as

it is in the photo …..

it makes me smile!

Go to

for more Selvedge Inspirations!

‘B’ is for …


Bella La Belle  – that’s what I call her …..

Beautiful Bella!

Beautiful Place – my town!

Beautiful Bella Bags

Blue Casablanca Bag

Beautiful Bike!

Bikes are Big with us!

‘B’ is for the Beautiful Things in my life  :0)

For which I am Bountifully Thankful!

Have a Beautiful, Bountiful Day!

(click image to enlarge – click again for even more!)

product photography by JTree Photos

Bella Bag


Meet Casablanca!

This is one of my own design Bella Bags that I call Casablanca.

Why Casablanca?

Well, the bag is ideal for travelling with, the fabrics are “travel inspired” and Casablanca sounds sooooooooooo exotic!

Just the kind of bag to have on a wet and cold English day.

Something to dream about.

Places to see,

food to taste,

sunshine and warm breezes,

people to meet.

So here you are ……  meet Casablanca to Go!

(Click on photo to see fabrics.)

product photography by JTree Photo

A New Bag design idea


I am thinking of a new bag ……. something that reflects the area that I live in …….. perhaps using woollen fabrics with a design that is practical and pleasing to have and to hold!

I would like to name it Curbar after one of the gritstone edges in the Peak District National Park.

My idea is perhaps a satchel style, or pouch in grey wool, to remind me of the sheep on the hills,  with a  patchwork coloured wool strip embellishment……….. Well I will see where this thought takes me!

Bella Bag


Fabrics by Kaffe Fassett, Joel Dewberry and Moda

The Making of a Bella Bag

Each Bella Bag is designed to be a unique individual bag, never to be repeated,  hand made with care, from top quality fabrics.  My bags are mainly sold by the Party method, it is a way that I can interact and enjoy visibly sharing my little creations with interesting people.  Also 10% from each sale goes to Send a Cow, this gives me great joy.  Each bag is “my baby” and I wonder what will become of it  ….. where will it go …….. what adventures will it have!  To date I know that some of my bags have travelled to Australia, Israel, America, Canada  and Holland – such adventures for little bags!

I like to think that it is an opportunity for someone to own a beautiful, creative, original, unique and special bag, made by me, one-at-a-time, a totally individual bag that will never be repeated …. EVER!

The bag pictured here I called “Madison.” This range was the first design I worked on and is patched  and quilted.

This particular bag in the photo is using Northcott  fabrics.

All of my bag ranges have names of places – Tuscany, Copenhagen, Capri, Charleston, Florida to name a few designs.  If you would like to view more of my bags please go to:

Product photography by JTree Photos

I hope you like what you see :0)

Send A Cow


Bella Bag is very happy to support Send A Cow from a percentage from each Bella Bag Party.  Perhaps you have never heard of Send A Cow?

Send A Cow helps African farmers grow enough food to feed their families, sell produce and develop small businesses that last. Inspired by our Christian values, we provide training, livestock, seeds and ongoing support; and help families to make the most of the land and resources they already have.

In turn, these families then pass on young livestock, seeds or training to others. And so on. And so on. This ‘Pass it On’ principle not only builds stronger communities, it allows us to help even more people to develop skills, confidence and self respect. People are happier and healthier, children are educated, homes are improved and communities are more harmonious.

Send A Cow doesn’t offer a quick fix solution to rural development. In for the long haul, we typically work with groups for five years to effect substantial and sustainable change. We also acknowledge from the outset that issues such as gender equality, health and family harmony are just as vital to the success of development programmes in Africa as simple livestock provision.

So in addition to ongoing training in animal wellbeing, sustainable organic farming practices and natural resource management, our work also provides courses in subjects such as gender equality, conflict resolution, health and hygiene and HIV/AIDS awareness. This balance of practical farming skills with social, life skills is a potent mix and produces remarkable results.

Next time ……. How did Send A Cow start?