To Jubilee ….. and Beyond!


Well, at first it looked pretty Un-Seasonal!

but I had seen something at

Hooked on Needles

(complete with a good video tutorial)

why not take a look …. I did and it  made me want to get started Rapid!

and so I did …..

and off the hook came …..

my   J U B I L E E    SHAWL  :0)

in time for the Celebrations …… and Beyond!

all thanks to Mary Grace :0)

I really love red, white and blue ….. don’t you?

3 responses

  1. Yes, I do….its just the thing for summer. and so cheerful…I love red and pink and….aren’t colors fabulous! Warmest wishes for a Blessed Easter! I want to get my cello out here pretty soon and have some fun. And I’ve got 3 library books that are pulling me like a gentle gravity. And my knitting …hey, I’ve got my summer top half done….but front only. Your Jubilee shawl is really pretty! And what a good feeling to have finished a big project like that. Way to go….=>

  2. Absolutely and if the weather is anything like it was for the Golden Jubilee in 2002 you’ll be very glad of your gorgeous shawl. We tried to have a party outside and it was freezing!!!
    Vivienne x (XXX=Bella)

  3. Hello Val – ooo I have missed you and your little blogs!! Love your shawl. Just right for keeping you warm on a day like today! Have a very Happy Easter! x