another day another ….. dollar?



another ……

B L A N K E T  :0)

well, once the gorgeous Granny Stripe was finished and I had done

my oooohs and arrrhhhhs,

something had to happen!

So, looking into my left over Christmas present bag of yarn I decided to try

Lucy’s ripple. I had tried this ages ago but for some reason it just didn’t seem to

work out, but looking at so many other bloggers blankets I thought “It must

be ME! So lets have another go!”

I am so glad I did, even though I have run out of Lucy’s hot colours,

I think it will be rather nice when it is further under way.


Just before starting the ripple I used some of the yarn in a pram blanket, it is not

very big …. but prams aren’t very big these days!

I decided to do Nana squares from Michelle at The Royal Sisters blog

it may be small, but very satisfying to do :0)

and I’m sure it will be just about the right size for today’s small prams,


not like the Rolls Royce that my babes were in …..

“It’s quite simply the Rolls Royce of prams, Balmoral is the original coach-built pram.

Hand-sprung chassis,cushioned with leather suspension straps and handspoked wheels are just a few features of the Balmoral Collection. Handmade in the UK.”

Yep, they just don’t make them like that any more!

Well, actually they do, but I couldn’t

afford the price tag …. mine had been second hand anyway!

Good to know that they are still making them though ….


Enjoy your happy crafty days (or evenings!)

Bella and Me xx

PS …..

I have just come back from town and guess what?

My beautiful Silver Cross Rolls Royce

has just been show cased ……




I don’t suppose it is mine – just one like it :0)

Time moves on!

4 responses

  1. Oh I had one of those prams for my buddle of joy too! And it squeaked on its springs in an oh so comforting way. Love all your blankets Val. Keep up the good work! Alison

  2. Your little pram blanket is so pretty and the ripple is going to be gorgeous!
    Love to Bella (and you of course),
    Vivienne x

  3. Hello Val I love the crochet blanket the colors are sure bright and those prams are beautiful I am sure they are still popular and it’s great that they still make them, I clicked over to serendipity child that you have on your profile and saw a beautiful baby is that your grandchild? if so congratulations and happy crafting to you..

  4. Hi Val, I am blocked from commenting! Can you help? The ‘please log in using one of t hese methods’ doesn’t include Blogger. I’m sad.