blankety blankety LOVE!


I can’t say just how much I love this …..

it is finished …..

wherever it is I just Love it’s vibrant colours

it’s pretty edging …..

it’s strokeability …….

and cuddlesome happiness!

I don’t suppose Lovely Lucy of the famous Attic24 will ever find

my humble abode in Blogland, but if ever she did accidentally stumble

across us then we would say a loud and resounding


she, without knowing me, has given me hours of pleasure in happy hooking :0)

anyone of my era will remember the tv show

“I Love Lucy”

well, that says it all!


have a wonderful creative weekend ….. and next week there is already something

on my hook, and another kind of blanket on the way.

from Bella and Me XX

3 responses

  1. It is lovely Val! I often look at mine and stroke and snuggly. A real comfort blanket. Take care Alison x

  2. Maybe Lovely Lucy will pay you a visit, Val! Your finished blanket is just wonderfully gorgeous! Great job and I hope there’s lots of good cuddling under it!

  3. Hi Val, Your blanket is soooo lovely! A delight of color!!!….& thanks for telling me about the word verification. I went to settings and turned it off. I have been having trouble on other blogs trying to tell what in the world those words were supposed to be…with ink blots behind them. Hopefully all will be easier now. ~~~I’m having trouble logging in to post. It seems I must log in with facebook which I don’t like to do. Is there anyway I can comment using my google or yahoo? Just wondering?