Blanket L O V E!


Oh Yes!

Yes Indeed! I have caught it ….

that all consuming hooking bug,

and I love it and am so happy to be completely captivated by it :0)

My last Granny stripe was completed today, oh me or my ….. now I know that “skippity doo da”  feeling for myself :0)

I have seen Lucy dancing around her “TaDah!” moments and, though it isn’t time for that yet, I still feel so

excited about it,

well here, take a look and see!

Isn’t it scrumptious?

Now, I know that every crochet-holic out there has already been there, done it,

and got the Tshirt, everyone seems to be inspired by Lucy, but this is MINE, ALL MINE : 0)

It was about 40 years ago (I know I’m knocking on a bit!) when I first learnt to crochet, but

then it was just cotton doillies – not very man friendly, and a house can only have so many doillies!

THEN, when I started blogging and found Lucy

and lots of other lovely crochet blogs I started thinking that


I have even loved this part

sewing in the ends, which I was not looking forward to, now I just have to decide on a colour

for the border …..

BUT the fever continues! I have all of this left!

Another Blanket!!  YES!

This was my Christmas present  – all 17 of Lucy’s colours from Masons of Abingdon £25.50 Bargain!

I feel like a child in a sweet shop given her first pound coin to buy whatever she liked (perhaps you need

more than a pound these days!)  I keep seeing all kinds of lovely Blanket ideas …….

I just need to decide ….. what a nice decision to have to make :0)

One last look ….

(I can’t stop looking at it, stroking it, snuggling it!)

Thank You for your patience : 0)


6 responses

  1. Well, Val, your colorful blanket is definitely quite scrumptious! i love it! And I enjoyed my visit over at Attic24, too…what wonderful photography and craftiness. I’m afraid I’m not a crocheter but wish I did know how to wield the hooks. We need to live next to each other so we can craft together. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous Val, I can see why you’re in love with it!!!
    Now after the pleasure of making it you now have the pleasure of using it. 🙂
    Loads of kisses to Bella and have a lovely new week,
    Vivienne x

  3. Here I am Valerie I finally stopped by your new blog and it is just wonderful and I see you have been busy with crochet I learned when I was 7 years old my mom showed me how and the first thing I made were slippers ,I still remember the process ,I also made dresses for my barbies ,the blanket is so colorful it makes me what to pick up my hook ,but that would delay me in finishing my quilt top that I have waiting to be quilted ,since I am working many hours my time is very limited to my quilting I remember you saying that you were moving I hope your move went smoothly and that you are comfy in your new home . I with you a nice day.xoxo theodora

  4. Hi Val,

    Thanks for your comment the other day! I’ve actually tried to leave this comment several times but I’m having problems as I don’t have a wordpress account! Your blanket looks fantastic, well done for getting through all those ends (see the thought of doing them is worse than actually doing them!) I actually did mine as I went along, about every ten rows or so, just so it wasn’t a major job at the end. Was a bit tedious but was glad I had made the effort at the end! As for the border, I’m not very good with the technical terms, but I think I did three rounds of trebles in various shades of blue, then a row of single crochet in lilac, then a scallop pattern in the same lilac colour to finish. The scallop pattern I just googled, there are lots of instructions for a basic shell edging! Hope that helps, Jenny x

  5. Hi Val! Oh your new blanket is so so beautiful! You make me wish that I could find time for crocheting! All those colours are so sweet! Have a lovely time! x Teje