Hello New Blog!…. goodbye old


Bella Bag’s blog is sadly coming to an end …… something technical …… Soooooooo …

Here is a Big Welcome from Bella and me  – to You, to our new home in Blogland!

Thank you for stopping by and  please add our new address


in place of Bella Bag’s Blog.

The little quilt as you go “house coat ” was Bella’s Christmas present ….. cute?

The house was pretty cold so it ‘s fleece lined and VERY cozy :0)


In closing I thought I would add this …..

it’s from a February 2010 posting ….    (you could say Vintage Bella!)

I hope you like it!

Bella L O V E S .….
Crisp snowy days …..
windy blustery days ….
NOT rainy days!

But her BEST days ….
are sunny, summer days,
running in meadow days!
…… Soon to come days.

Whatever you are doing …….

Have a Good Day!


Gosh! That seems so long ago now!

Well we hope to see you around again very soon,

from Bella and Me …. have a lovely week XX

4 responses

  1. Wow Val! You have been very busy and I love your book and Granny Stripe! How did I miss the beginning? My mind must have been elsewhere, which it often is these days. Hey ho such is life. Have a great time with your new blogland home and may God bless it richly!

  2. Well hello Val and Bella in your new shiny place!!!!
    My heart squeezed when I saw that little cutie in her pretty coat, how cute!!! 🙂
    Have a lovely week and kisses to Bella,
    V x

  3. Hi Val and Bella! Congratulations to your new blog! Bella’s coat is beautiful! Foxy would need one, too.
    Have a wonderful week! x Teje & Nero

  4. Hi Val ~ thanks for inviting me over! I love the colorfulness of your new place. Love that cute poochie, too. I’ll be back to visit again! Take care. ~ Deb