Quiet/Busy Book 3 and 4


Last Wednesday I introduced my

Quiet book to you with pages 1 and 2

plus my happy I Spy book courtesy of Fish Sticks


today I have two more pages to share:

page 3

a zebra crossing, two felt house neighbours,

one house has a little red button car to run up and down it’s driveway,

a deserted road to drive the little blue felt car – left side please! on visits or

go for petrol at the yellow petrol pump … (self service!)

the car is “garaged” behind the flower bed and attached with a string :0)


imaginative play, fine motor skills, simple story telling

page 4

Counting 1 – 10

This proved to be a very popular page.

lift up flaps reveals a number and corresponding buttons –

star buttons – 1,4,7

flower buttons – 2,5,8

heart buttons  – 3,6,9

and 10 pencil buttons


counting 1 – 10, touch and count,

repeating pattern in the materials for the flaps –

dots, bicycles, dots, bicycles, etc.


there now! ……

hope you enjoyed todays editions!

back next Wednesday with two more pages ….

until then xx

3 responses

  1. Hi Val! Your project with pages is really exiting! I’m wondering how you find ideas for them?! Happy sewing! x Teje

  2. hi Val I love your book I will have to check it out and see if I can tackle one some day, you have such a wide range of craft interest I mainly stay with quilting can’t stop or switch to a different sewing activity ,happy sewing .theodora

  3. Val, you are so talented! Your book is very special. Its a cold chilly day here in Pa. But a nice day to appreciate all things ‘cozy’. I had an idea about the Miss Read book… perhaps on amazon you could find one and the ‘click here to read inside’ page. I love her dry humor and calm outlook on British life. Before all the electronics that we so love to play with, became available. they get a thrill out of hearing a birdsong….he he….well, I do too come to think of it. Hope you have a great week-end and the Lord blesses you very much!