a cover up!


It all started because I just couldn’t discard this …..

an unused Royal Horticultural Society diary ……

but with such gorgeous artwork ……

These are NOT photos, but beautiful botanical drawings …..

SO what to do with it, tear out pages and make cards with them?


frame one or two?

THEN I had this what I call a “BRILLIANT IDEA”

I would use it Just As It Is!!!

But it would be my very own, very special diary of


each month I will add a recipe suitable for that season and month of the year …

Brilliant Idea, don’t you think?

I started with the month of December, adding the Gorgeous Christmas Cake,

and …..

a Brandy Mincemeat, and a gorgeous Apple and Cranberry Chutney Recipe

(recipes for you in the next blog on Monday :0)


well, this is the Title Page ….

and I made a Journal cover ….. just to hide it being a 2011 Diary!

Well, I think it is a brilliant idea!

Recipes coming on Monday :0)

Bye for now, xx

6 responses

  1. I love it, Val! I am a real notebook person and love taking notes on anything. Your Diary has such beautiful flowers that it was worth salvaging for sure, and a recipe book is a grand idea! It will be fun seeing some of your entries for the seasons!

  2. Yes, I think it is a brilliant idea too. The drawings are wonderful artwork! Good idea you had, I like it so much…its something Miss Read would have thought of in her charming books. I’m so glad you are back!! Happy New Year!

  3. Hello Val long time to stop by I am a very busy lady,I have so many things going on at the same time . I love your new calender and it is a great idea that way you can have it for years ,they would be real pretty framed also. take care theodora

  4. Dear Val, that is really great idea! So often we get several calenders and use only one which is most practical.
    x Teje