Well, Hello 2012!


Yes, I know I’m a little late …..

but hey! We are making our come back!

So from Bella and Me, we say ……

Hello to you all in 2012 ….

and may this year be a year full of new inspirations,

new beginnings,

and new thoughts and delights …..

and so here is my new thought for this New Year …….

Whilst walking in the park on an early December morning,

delighting in the beautiful Oaks

and the winter trees,

I suddenly stopped and took another look …. at the Chestnut trees,

everywhere around were winter trees,

in fact the Chestnut looked like a winter tree,

but standing under its huge branches I noticed ……

new sticky buds …… the promise of Spring.

I was struck again and marvelled at the the faithfulness of God,

that in the middle of winter ….. He gives the promise of Spring.

May this New Year bring ….. a new inspiring spring of inspiration to you!

thanks for visiting  ….. till next time …..

from Bella and Me XX

4 responses

  1. Dear Val and Bella, I have missed you and I am so happy you are back! I hope you are fine and I wish you all the best, health and happyness for the 2012! Lots of hugs to both of you! xxx Teje & Nero

  2. Welcome back Val, lovely to see you blogging again. That Christmas cake looks very yummy as well.

    Have a wonderful week and a fabulous year!