au revoir


Bella and I will be away for a little while

so we would like to leave

a few meadow moments with you ….

We call this ….

Buttercup Meadow

as you look at the scene hear in your mind

the sound of the cuckoo for that is the sound we could hear

in our beautiful, beautiful Buttercup meadow

Bella listening to the cuckoo!

The meadow a couple of months ago …..

Beautiful! Bountiful! Buttercupful!

Beautiful! Bountiful! Buttercpful! Bellaful!

Bye for now xxx

5 responses

  1. my dear sweet valerie,
    how i have missed you:) i wish i could come and help you with the enormous task you have to move house and dog. hahahaha. how is bella adjusting to the new place??? how are you adjusting???? love you and am anxious to hear from you again and know that you are settled.