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One of my favourite sights at this time of the year …..

Rape seed fields!

I love the colour,

the sight and the scent….

on this walk you actually walk between two fields and it is stunning,

it is a walk that leads to the bluebell woods.


Back home I wanted to have my own rape seed field!

so here it is …..

in Decopatch!

whatever you are doing ….. enjoy the sun :0)

Val & Bella xx

on a roll …..


Jelly Roll that is ….

it all started the other night watching

“Roman Holiday”  ….    AGAIN!!!

so ….

taking 5 Jelly strips

out came …..


summer scarves,

so quick and simple to make and wear ….

Audrey style!

but be warned

you can’t make only one ….

they are VERY addictive :0)

Enjoy the Spring Sunshine and celebrate with a scarf

thank you! ….


Have you met Teje and Nero?

if you haven’t then it is one of those things and times in life that are a


I can promise you a delightful time ….

but why am I telling you this?

Well, a short time ago Teje arrived at 100 blogs and had a give away …..

Nero pointed out my name and so I have a prize ….

Today it arrived!

Can you see who opened it????

The minute the postman gets anything into the letter box

Bella grabs it, shakes it, and shakes it again!

That is not a piece of bread in the bottom right hand corner ….. it is from a

parcel that was delivered at the same time!

BUT what a lovely, interesting parcel ….

for Bella and me!

What is inside the lovely green bag?

herbs ….. a delightful scent, rosemary and marjoram …. mmmmmm :0)

a treat for Bella and a personal card …..

Thank You Teje and Nero ….

and if you haven’t experienced the pleasure of a visit to Teje for yourself

I suggest you hot foot it over and ENJOY!

if you scroll down to the 28th of March you will see for yourself the exciting way that my name



Thanks Nero …. I love opening parcels :0)

see you again soon!