this and that ….


Kristine …. just for you

March top



Hopefully you have received all of these ?…..  :0)


Just thought I would share my journal covers with you ….

I love making journal special!

see you again soon …

from Bella and Me :0)

4 responses

  1. These are lovely. I like the colors in teh first quilt top especially, and also the journal covers. And Bella is looking cute.

  2. Your jounal covers are beautiful!!! works of art and cozy too. Bella is beautiful too. I have been knitting a ‘flower’ wash cloth and am enjoying it. I had misplaced my circular needles and hunted high and low for them and I finally found them! hurray..I hope you are having a good week. It is very chilly here, in fact we had some snow! today. Hubby covers the one basket of pansies every night less they perish. bye for now, Maggie Ann

  3. Hello Val! You have made so beautiful quilts! Someone near here is going to be so happy with them! I love also your journal covers! Beautiful Bella – give her lots of hugs! Teje & Nero