Did you know that 15 minutes

S  T  R  E  T  C  H  E  R  R  R  R  S  ?????

It really does …..

well one minute leads to another

and another

and so on and so on!!

In fact you just don’t know where your allocated 15 minutes flies off to ….

that is if your 15 Minutes is with Victoria

she says it is making new fabric

and I just love it!

seriously it is VERY hard to stop!

I now have 35 of these darlings …..

and I just  C A N ‘ T  stop!!!

I love making my blocks which one day will be ?

Who knows!

But it doesn’t matter :0)

As I have been scrabbling around in my scrap box and finding bits here and there

odd shapes, tiny fragments, forgotten fabulous fabrics,

memories of each making comes back to mind and I was thinking today ….

“may God patch together the scraps and fragments of my life, the odd shapes,

the forgotten memories, the rough and the smooth

and make me

into something useful, practical and beautiful in His service.”

that is my prayer.

from Bella and Me ….

on our Spring walk abouts ….

thanks for stopping by and we hope you have a lovely week …. :0)

6 responses

  1. Love your blocks! I’m so impressed you have 35 of these beauties! I love Victoria’s 15 minutes of playing and the idea of making new fabric with bits from your stash. How refreshing to go on such a beautiful spring walk! Thanks for sharing that – I’m dying for spring to arrive here.

  2. Your blocks are pretty….I always had a desire to do some ‘crazy patch’ blocks, but never got ‘to-it’. You inspire me!, maybe yet I will try it….right now I am loving my spinning…long draw is so amazing to watch the wool pull out of itself… I loved the thoughts you expressed in this post. How true! ~~~ It is snowing like its Christmas outside…our world is layered in white loveliness. God’s handiwork! He is so worthy of our worship.~ ~~My husband is finishing a sudoku puzzle while I thought I’d check online. I have a ‘Hallmark’ movie rewinding to lend a friend. We had an easy-peasie lunch of turkey sandwiches and tomato soup. Its a restful Sunday….our Sunday sch class was about how the apostle Saul persucuted Christians and how God changed his heart to become one himself. So many lessons hidden in the heart of that.~~~ May we continue to enjoy peaceful Sundays’ even as some parts of the world are in such turmoil and the papers are full of bad news, we are hid in Christ. What blessings are ours in Christ Jesus. Warm wishes for a cheerful week to you, Val!

  3. Hello Val! Your blocks are so beutiful with those joyful colours and fabrics! I’m happy to hear you make spring walks with Bella! Here is so rainy and cold!
    Love Teje and Nero

  4. Hello Val, love your blocks and your prayer says it all. Thank you. I still haven’t got to grips with patchwork so have decided today to join the 15 minute play! See you at playtime! Alison x