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this and that ….


Kristine …. just for you

March top



Hopefully you have received all of these ?…..  :0)


Just thought I would share my journal covers with you ….

I love making journal special!

see you again soon …

from Bella and Me :0)



Cherry Blossoms: Cherry Blossoms

If anyone in UK is interested in sending

quilts for Japan

I understand

Midsomer Quilting in Sommerset

is happy to receive them and direct them on to Japan.

their details and a little about them:

“Midsomer Quilting is less a shop, more
the home of friends with fabric for sale.
Helen Conway (Liverpool)

Our shop is out in the country (10 miles from Bath and 16 from Bristol),

in old farm buildings in the grounds of Norton Green Garden Centre in Chilcompton.

You’ll find that we have plenty of free parking space within a few feet of our door,

and excellent wheelchair access to both the shop and our workshop.”


otherwise after the 1st May they can be sent to:

Naomi Ichikawa
Patchwork Tsushin Co.,Ltd
2-21-2,Yushima,Bunkyo-ku,Tokyo,Japan zip:113-0034


apparently there are nearly 500 000 people in shelters and it is cold.

ready to go …..

although I have been using it  …..

I would like it to warm someone in more need than me.

Thanks for stopping by …

Val xx

spring! it’s official!


Wordsworth saw a “host of golden daffodils”

I haven’t seen that …


have you noticed the buds on the trees where you live ….

here in Oxfordshire it is a delight to see the Weeping Willow,

a green cascade down to the river ….

the Elder, in our garden has started to leaf ….

and the blossom on the Blackthorn on the footpath –

beauty in scrub land …

but I don’t know how much you know about the Laurel ….

there is of course the Bay Laurel

“The Laurus Nobilis belongs to the Lauraceae family.

The Bay Laurel is an evergreen tree typically found in the mediterranean

and produces the bay leaf which is used so commonly in Mediterranean cooking”

(best to remove the hearts before using in cooking!)

then there is …

The Portuguese Laurel

Laurel, Portugal - Bareroot



This ….

I S …..   exciting!……

here in Oxfordshire there is a very rare kind of Laurel,

in fact

it is only in very isolated pockets of Oxfordshire ….

here it is in it’s Spring Time flowering ….

Ha Ha! how pretty!

I have had a count up of my hexies,

to date, sewn up into rows,

I have 1100

I am amazed, how did I get so many!

Well, I suppose just one at a time :0)


I guess Bella would prefer a Laurel Ball Tree …  :0)

or one of these ….

canon ball tree fruit: large hard shelled fruit of the cannonball tree

it’s a Cannon-ball tree that I saw in South Africa!


thanks for stopping by ….

from Bella and me ….

hope to see you again soon :0)

and again ! …..


well I can’t vouch for it being

JUST 15 minutes …

in fact it certainly wasn’t

BUT I can vouch for it being


AGAIN!! :0)

this morning  this ….

Became ….

(sorry about the photo!)

I was having so much fun and couldn’t wait to make

them turn into …..


and they will soon be on their way to ….

Evie at

Hearts for Christchurch

she says

“Two heart shapes sewn together, stuffed or not, embellished, embroidered,

CQ’d,quilted, plain or fancy, anything goes.

Add a loop for hanging. Choose your size.

For ease of posting, envelope size is a good measurment.

You can send them flat just add a note ‘To be stuffed’.

Sign (or not), add a message and where the hearts are from.

This is a small measure of something nice to give in this terrible time.”

these are just three from Evie’s blog …. from California


If you have 15 minutes to play ….

why not have a heart for New Zealand ….

and send it with love :0)

have a playful weekend!

from Bella and me :0)



Did you know that 15 minutes

S  T  R  E  T  C  H  E  R  R  R  R  S  ?????

It really does …..

well one minute leads to another

and another

and so on and so on!!

In fact you just don’t know where your allocated 15 minutes flies off to ….

that is if your 15 Minutes is with Victoria

she says it is making new fabric

and I just love it!

seriously it is VERY hard to stop!

I now have 35 of these darlings …..

and I just  C A N ‘ T  stop!!!

I love making my blocks which one day will be ?

Who knows!

But it doesn’t matter :0)

As I have been scrabbling around in my scrap box and finding bits here and there

odd shapes, tiny fragments, forgotten fabulous fabrics,

memories of each making comes back to mind and I was thinking today ….

“may God patch together the scraps and fragments of my life, the odd shapes,

the forgotten memories, the rough and the smooth

and make me

into something useful, practical and beautiful in His service.”

that is my prayer.

from Bella and Me ….

on our Spring walk abouts ….

thanks for stopping by and we hope you have a lovely week …. :0)