do you remember playtime when you were at school?

It has been many many many many years since I was there

but I still remember how good it was,

how necessary it was,

whatever the weather.

We skipped, played two ball, hopscotched and just ran around ….

F R E E!

for 15 minutes

hopscotch and chalk

now, as we grow older it seems to me that we

still need to remember how to play

to bring back that vibrance, vigour and vivacity

to our everyday crafty life …..

I discovered  15 minute PLAYTIMES again!

and so can you ….

Victoria beckons ….

and what crafty fun times you have,

you are free to decide

what to do and where to go with it and Victoria

shares just HOW to play   S C R A P S   for 15 minutes.

Here is one of my finished playtime blocks ……

and here are two others  …..

that became …..

my new Sewing Journal

all from   S C R A P S   :0)

I hope you have a happy scrappy playtime!

and thanks for stopping by :0)

V & B  xx


this activity is seriously addictive! I do not take any responsibility!  ……. just ENJOY!

I am now up to 18 and counting!!

8 responses

  1. I remember play time when I was a little girl. I always love it. Loved playing sidewalk hopscotch too.

    I do love Victoria’s 15-minutes of play! So freeing to loosen up and make those crazy patches. Even more fun to turn them into something – love your sewing journal! What a great idea.

  2. Well I’m having a woolly playtime but it’s playtime all the same!! 🙂
    Love your sewing journal, gorgeous!!
    Have a great weekend Val and loads of kisses to Bella!
    Vivienne x

  3. Hello Val! That sounds fun and I love your new notebook! I visited the 15 minutes and found great ideas and inspiration! Thank you for sharing! I enjoy making with small patches!
    Have a sunny weekend! xxx Teje

  4. I remember play times… mugs of boiled water and secret messages in the cupboard..we did have fun! You are so busy sewing I am going to put in a request for a play mat type quilt for a little girl, ANDY and Kelly are expecting a baby in summer, and were told sex this week. Peter will be a granddad, I will only be a step gm so that does not count. Enjoyed today’s meeting, writing in progress, love you lots xx 12 students today!

  5. I have been missing my 15 min! 🙂 But it is really amazing how the proverbial juices start flowing once you give yourself permission to play. I love Victoria, and she is such an inspiration to all of us.