To Australia with love again ….


Well I just couldn’t not

join in


After all a Smile is a Smile  is a Smile ….

and it is worth it :0)

So  when I read about  Jackie at

what do she ask for?

Make a doll, make an  OWL, make a robot.

Make one, make five. Make it simple,

make it detailed.

It’s totally up to you.

I thought about the basket under the stairs where they live …

and I thought again of the children without a cuddles …..


they will be on their way today   ….

Please give a big hoot for the ……

Hoot Family flying out today …..

hopefully on another …

Have a hooting good day!

and Thanks for stopping by,

Val and Bella xx

10 responses

  1. hi Valerie I just love that owl family I wish them a pleasant flight, you are such a kind soul to help out enyway you can I love that throw size quilt you made for Kristine I don’t know if I will have time to make one enytime soon,I am stuck in my shop all day not much time to sew,wish you a nice day ,xoxo theodora

  2. These are so cute!!! Thank-you, thank-you! This little family is making me smile so much, just imagine how happy they are going to make a small child:)

    Big thank-you hugs to you xoxox
    I’ll let you know when they arrive.

  3. Hi Val ~~ how very special for you to make such a darling Owl family for a little one! You are a very generous and busy lady…many blessings to you! (Thanks for your visit over at my place. Today I’ll be working on the postage stamp quilt and hoping to see some progress.)

  4. What a delightful post. Hello Val, I’m sorry its been so long since I’ve been by. I’m going to have to fix that. Thank you for visiting me and leaving me such a nice comment to enjoy. about my BD…I was born at home…at Grandma’s.

    Actually, Dad had words with the Dr….he didn’t like the Dr. ( who must have complained about having to get stuck in the snow) but the Dr. did come…though Mom suffered so I can only imagine! I don’t think my Mom was saved back then…and I was her first baby. Dad was t here though…and liked to have seen me born. I was so the apple of his eye those first couple of years..Mom was jealous, I do believe. He made her keep me in clean dresses like a little doll, she would tell me.

    Well, hubby is waiting for me…its sunny here, even though the driveway is a sheet of ice in places. We enjoyed the Laura INgalls books too. I liked the bio of her life…too. Wish I could think of the title of that book but I can’t. Wish I could stay awhile and visit longer…..hugs from across the way.

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment. What a lovely reason to visit the post office, even though it was a crowded place. Hopefully your post will inspire more to take part in caring for the flood victims. Very sweet post.

  6. Hi Val! Thanks so much for your generosity! I can’t wait to see your gorgeous creations when they land on our shores. So, so wonderful from the other side of the globe. Thanks a gazillion times. Steph 🙂 x x

  7. Hiya Val and thanks for stopping by – your owls are so cute… I’ve been going through an owl thing myself lately but they have all gone to loving homes.  I hope yours have a safe flight.

    Regarding attaching the cards together I simply single hole punch each card and pop them on a large book ring.  I have a couple of spare book-rings so if you would like one drop me a line by e-mail and I’ll pop one in the post.  Alternatively you could hole punch and string on a pretty ribbon.  Hope that helps.

    I’ll be back later for a proper look around your lovely blog as I’m dashing out to a workshop at the minute.

    Shell x