To Thessalonika with love ….


White Tower And Skyline Of Thessalonika City\

Somewhere ……

perhaps in a street ….


in the city ……

for someone I will never meet …..

This may bring a little happiness…

Well not in this state,

but the colours are very jolly,

it’s  a Moda Freebird Jelly Roll

bought from

(excellent service from Julia :0)

not quite finished yet …..

still needs the borders adding as I want it to be throw size ….

My little helper always has the last word ….

she has a good nose for colours  :0)

This will be my first quilt top of the New Year –

my Resolution for 2011

is to make at least one quilt top per month to send to

Kristine and her worthy causes

Here is the finish …..

with the borders added :0)

I am so happy with it and now …..

To Thessalonika with love !….

stock photo : Greek Airlines Airbus A340

Thanks for stopping by ….

Val and Bella xx

PS  This is one New Year Resolution I WILL keep :0)

4 responses

  1. Dear Val, I’m thinking you a lot today…preparing the post I should have done long ago! Your today’s post is so so so wonderful! I love the quilt and the bautiful colours you have used to it! Someone is going to be so lucky and happy to have it!!!
    Love Teje