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my little friend …


She wasn’t always ours …..

we never saw her as a tiny puppy ….

that was someone else’s privilege ….

we never knew her parents …

I first saw her mentioned on the site


the present owner said she was a cross

between a

Jack Russell and a West Highland terrier ….

(but she isn’t she is just a long haired JR,

also referred to as wire haired or broken coat Jack Russell)

the advert said she was £50

we drove to the house and the owners came out into the garden …

then we met


she performed EVERY trick and tumble she knew,

made herself so appealing and almost said

Pick Me! Pick Me!

so we did!

She was 11 months when we brought her home and we were the

fourth owner

but we are definitely going to be

her LAST OWNER :0)

so don’t go looking on the “pre-loved” site!

thanks for being here …

from Bella and me xx

a lovely old lady ….


I’d like to introduce you to

a lovely old lady

her name is Annie

and she comes from the Clyde, Scotland

Annie has been special to me for many years but I didn’t

ever know how useful she could be ..

well, 1920 is a long time ago and as they

say a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then.

Full-length portrait in oils of a blue-eyed, brown-haired man of slim build, with a beard and moustache. He wears a British naval uniform under an ermine cape, and beside him a jewelled crown stands on a table.

King George the 5th was on the throne …..

Rupert Bear Logo.jpg

made his first appearance in the Daily Mail  …..


and Movie Stars were

R E A L  ….

clip art

Claudette Colbert and Clark Gable Movie Poster

Yes, a lot of water has gone under the bridge ….


without further ado ….

please meet


isn’t she beautiful?

They just don’t make things like this anymore.

Singer have records of all their treadle machines and from

the serial number I know she was built on the Clyde in 1920.

Singer’s established a presence in Clydebank that was to last until 1980.

In the late 1920s over 12,000 workers were employed in the factory,

manufacturing machines that crossed the world.

I don’t know what happened to thousands of others but

I know Annie belonged to my Nan who took in washing to pay for her,

and from blogs around I now know that she can and will

work again!

All parts can still be bought for the old ladies and from

reading blogs I am sure she will sew beautifully.

So ….

she is going to undergo a spit and polish,

a new leather belt ….

and then we shall see what she can do :0)

from Bella and me till next time

as they used to say in Yorkshire  …. TTFN


Take a look here

at Lorraine’s Lovely Old Lady with such gorgeous decals :0)

a little something for me :0)


As everyone knows

every scrap of Kaffee Fassett fabric


and so

with that in mind …..

here is a little


for ME!

It is a bit like a knapsack

or swagbag

just ideal for trundling along the lanes

and meadows with Bella :0)

wherever you trundle this weekend,

from Bella and me ….

have a lovely trundling weekend :0)

Val and Bella xx

To Australia with love again ….


Well I just couldn’t not

join in


After all a Smile is a Smile  is a Smile ….

and it is worth it :0)

So  when I read about  Jackie at

what do she ask for?

Make a doll, make an  OWL, make a robot.

Make one, make five. Make it simple,

make it detailed.

It’s totally up to you.

I thought about the basket under the stairs where they live …

and I thought again of the children without a cuddles …..


they will be on their way today   ….

Please give a big hoot for the ……

Hoot Family flying out today …..

hopefully on another …

Have a hooting good day!

and Thanks for stopping by,

Val and Bella xx

To Australia with love ….



I saw this …..

a child’s teddy floats away in the Queensland floods


at Steph’s blog

Steph says ….

“Picture walking back into your home

and every single item you own is either washed away

or ruined by water and mud……

it really is unfathomable!!!

Then imagine that through the eyes of a five year old!

I would love to provide each and every child

with a small handmade softie

to comfort them in this dark time and give them hope that things will get better.”

and so now …..

Doris and Edward

are on there way ….

from England

with lots of love :0)

Thanks for stopping by

Val and Bella xx

PS  Daisy and Edward are made from a brilliant free tutorial

here is the link


To Thessalonika with love ….


White Tower And Skyline Of Thessalonika City\

Somewhere ……

perhaps in a street ….


in the city ……

for someone I will never meet …..

This may bring a little happiness…

Well not in this state,

but the colours are very jolly,

it’s  a Moda Freebird Jelly Roll

bought from

(excellent service from Julia :0)

not quite finished yet …..

still needs the borders adding as I want it to be throw size ….

My little helper always has the last word ….

she has a good nose for colours  :0)

This will be my first quilt top of the New Year –

my Resolution for 2011

is to make at least one quilt top per month to send to

Kristine and her worthy causes

Here is the finish …..

with the borders added :0)

I am so happy with it and now …..

To Thessalonika with love !….

stock photo : Greek Airlines Airbus A340

Thanks for stopping by ….

Val and Bella xx

PS  This is one New Year Resolution I WILL keep :0)

an Award! :0)


Oh My! …. Who’d have thought it???!!!

Thank you Teje and Nero

for thinking of me for this award!

I would never have thought of me!

But I am very happy that YOU did :0)

apparently there are a few rules attached to this award ……

First I have to mention seven things about me  ….

so here goes …

(I can’t promise to sing them as Maria did ….! Raindrops on roses etc)

I love to have my Bible reading and quiet time each day

I love to walk my Bella in the snow the sun or the rain,

I love to remember my growing up years in a coal mining village,

my parents sacrificial giving of  love, time,  happiness,

and just downright good family living

I love to be out on a blustery day, on the moors, in the meadows or by the sea

I love to remember the people and places I have been

….. especially Peru

I love to be part of Kristine’s team making quilt tops for

Thessalonika charities

I  LOVE to decopatch …… anything!

and I  love,


L O V E,  Kaffe Fassett fabric :0)

... especially when it’s a Christmas present :0)

(sorry about the poor light for the photo)

Well, that wasn’t too arduous a task ….

Next I have to nominate 15 “new to me” bloggers

so here goes!

(in no particular order …..)

Podso at

Victoria at

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please feel free to go to any of these links and say ‘hi’ and encourage them,

they are all worthy of their awards!

And YOU will be encouraged and inspired!

NOW I just have to let these lovely ladies know that they are

Thank you once again Teje and Nero

for giving me this opportunity to share and

nominate others of my choice, what a lovely way to start a New Year.

If you haven’t discovered the great joy and enthusiasm of a daily visit to Teje and Nero –

then I recommend you make it your New Year’s Resolution for 2011 …..

you won’t be disappointed!

Fireworks Happy New Years banner

from US to YOU :0)

and thanks for stopping by …..

Val and Bella xx

PS ….

when the quilt top behind Bella is finished it will be flying off to Thessalonika to Kristine …..  with lots of love :0)