the story of the red and green quilt


Once upon a time …..

there was a pile of green scraps ….

a pile of red scraps …

and a pile of white scraps …

bits and pieces all of them, each in separate piles.

One day a hand picked up a red, a green and white and

stitched them together.

Then more and more …..

until the pile was no more!

and it had become ….

something useful and joined into one.

It looked very jolly and brought a smile.

It was neatly folded,

and packaged and posted,

it was loaded into the cargo of a plane ….

and it arrived!

safe and sound ….

it still looked very jolly and brought a smile!

To Kristine and Thomas :0)

“today thomas and i went to the A-21 safe house for traffiked women

and hung one of our quilts donated by valerie from oxfordshire, UK on the dining room wall.

valerie’s quilt was so festive with reds and greens that i asked her permission

to hang it on the wall there.

the fabrics were flower prints so the quilt will remain year round

but is also perfect for the christmas season.

the girls were thrilled to get our gift and thomas was eager to put it up for them.

the 3 girls there and i had our first lesson on sewing binding

and they are eager to help with more projects next year.”


What a joy and privilege it is to know that the scraps of red, white and green

may be a blessing and encouragement to these girls.

After all ….

all of us are made up of scraps of one colour or another,

some scraps of life are pretty, some disgusting and some need discarding!

Christmas time reminds me that we all need

the Hand of the Christ child to stitch us together so that,

we may be a blessing to Him and others.

A Christmas card had the message …..

Wise men follow the star to seek Jesus

Christmas 06

(then on the inside it said)

Wise men still seek Jesus.

May you be blessed in your seeking and finding this

Christmas time.


There is a wonderful verse that says ….

“Christ Jesus came into the world to seek and save the lost”

Val xx

4 responses

  1. Dear Val, the best way to begin my day is to read your sweet and lovely post with my morning coffee! I love the quilt you have made and the story for that is special!
    I’m proud to have you my friend and it feels nice and ‘warm’ that your quilt moved here quite close to me!
    I wish you and your family Joyful Christmas and Happy and health New year!
    xxx Teje

  2. Hello Val! I hope you have had wonderful Christmas time!
    I want to give you The Stylish Blogger Award! You are welcome to take it from my blog!
    I wish you and your family Happy New Year!
    xxx Teje