hexies and more ….


Blog land is really an amazing place to be isn’t it?

Because I had been addicted to Hexies, through

Texas Freckles


I looked at others who had joined in the fun ….

and discovered ….



reading through her posts she mentioned a friend who

had helped her with her hand quilting techniques …..

So I followed the link  …..

and discovered …..



…. and a life changing experience!

This is what she says …..

“i make my quilts for the widow . . .

for the orphan . . .

for the aged . . .

for the victim of human traffiking . . .

and for those who are poor or homeless

come join my adventure!!”

So I did!  :0)

I am a Virtual Team Member (VTM) !

Here are two that I made in time for the orphanage

Christmas delivery of 50.

(it is actually red, white and green the photo didn’t show the colours)

If you look at Kristine’s site you will see my other

two tops on her slide show.

This was the offer I couldn’t refuse …..

“join one of our causes and be a part of our remote team.

we have folks from all over the world helping us to assemble tops from their home

and once we get them we can add the batting, backing, and binding.”

I am so glad I did!

I hope you feel inspired and intrigued enough to go and check out Kristine’s site

explore all her options,  enjoy the slide show and the videos.

Whatever you do tomorrow …. have a good day :0)

5 responses

  1. What a wonderful thing to do, they are lovely Val. Brrr it is cold. I think I will be writing my assignment all day tomorrow, instead of procrastinating like I have been doing today!

  2. Dear Val, first…your hexacons looks beautiful! I don’t dare to try them, with crochet yes but not with fabric!
    You know funny thing…just few days ago I became a friend with Kristine! She is making so remarkable work! She lives in Thessaloniki and I’m in Chania Crete – so in Blogland we are neighbours!
    I’m so happy to see that you were able to join her team and already you have made those wonderful quilts!
    Have a lovely day! xxx Teje

  3. Good for you! These quilts are so lovely. How lucky the recipient will be to receive these treasures. Hexagons are addicting aren’t they. And so is the Internet, as it can lead you to so many wonderful new things.

  4. Hi Val
    Thanks for dropping in, so good you have your own little lap heater.
    Your quilts as always are gorgeous and you do such good work for others!! You have to be commended for that. 🙂
    My fire is going and believe me we need it, it was -12 deg here last night!!
    Stay warm and cosy.
    Vivienne x (big X for Bella)

  5. Hello you, your work is beautiful…just like you.xx thank you for your letter, am in midst of mine xx GOD BLESS.XX IT IS SO NICE TO SEE PIX OF BELLA, I CAN SMELL HER AND FEEL HER…MISS YOU VERY VERY MUCH XXXXXX