baby it’s STILL cold outside!



it IS still cold outside for a morning walk – so –

after the patchwork mittens …..

came  THIS …..

a bag of bits I bought from my friend when she moved studios

and a bit of this piece ……

and a bit of that piece ….

and it became ..

my new HHH ….

Head Hugger Hat!

it’s a bit quirky …..

it’s rather …… different …..

but I LIKE IT! :0)

and it’s WARM

6 responses

  1. Val ~ I absolutely love the hat! You know, some folks are hat people and some just don’t look good in any kind of hat. My daughter looks good in anything she puts on her head! It’s amazing. I bet you’re a hat person, too, to even think to make a beautiful hat out of those scraps! Way to go to keep warmer!