Monthly Archives: October 2010

I’m in charge!



would you believe it?

She has flown away

and left me in charge! …..

back mid-November so I’m told …..

so I am in charge for now …..

well then, that being the case   …..

here’s another picture

of ME!

just to keep things ticking over until she gets back

Au revoir :0)


Decopatch …. how to!


Decopatch is fab!

It’s a funky, very addictive papercraft that’s amazingly simple to use,

a modern twist on the traditional decoupage.

All you need is the paper …….

the object that you’re going to cover and the special glue varnish.

Believe me , you’ll find projects everywhere,

you can cover practically anything:

old furniture, glass, wood, stone, cardboard…

So here we go!

1. Choose your object – it can be anything!  I am using an old photo frame ….

2. Cut or tear your paper into small pieces – about postage stamp size.

(First make sure the label on the back of the paper is removed)

(sorry that it looks like a plate of vegetables ….. green is my colour of the moment!)

3. Paint some glue onto your object, making sure the area is bigger than the piece of paper

4. Use the brush to place a piece of paper on the object

5. Paint a thin coat of glue varnish over the paper

6. Repeat steps 3-5 until your obejct is completely covered.  Check there are no bare patches!

here I have done all the front facing edges before starting on the top

and sides …..

7. Hey Presto – you’re a Decopatcher!

8. And now you can look for your next project!


and of course …..  my favourite! ….

coat hangers :0)

All my materials are from The Decopatch Place …. visit their website

for quick and very friendly service …..   and …..

E N J O Y!

Please click on the photos to enlarge …. and let me know if you

become …..

A D D I C T E D!

Have fun :0)