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Mary Poppins Rides again!


I would like to introduce you to my new


I love Selvedge Creations!

Most of the items inside the bag are made with Selvedges too ….

Tote bag and sunglasses case ….

neatly tucked away!

with space enough for a book to read, a bottle of water,

my camera and Ipod.

Tomorrow is Sunday


A few days ago

I discovered Scripture Dig

and reading the postings of the Godly writing team I was greatly blessed ….

and challenged ……

and inspired ……

and it brought me to tears……

Have you ever?

considered what happened on the Cross of Calvary and in the Resurrection of our

Lord Jesus Christ?

I encourage you to discover Scripture Dig for yourself …..

and perhaps

you too will be brought to tears ..

This and That


How boring!

(and out of focus!)

But with a little bit of this ….

and and little bit of that

….. much better!

Ah! Decopatch!

link to the gorgeous shop and on line  place to get started.

and Hexies are coming along ….

these are Freebird by MoMo for Moda

just cut off the end of a Jelly Roll …..

I must have at least 350 now

so for a change of pace I started joining

into strips ….. I love the Retro look of these patches ….

and last but not least for This and That ….

justa little look

at the Olympic Quilt coming along ….

I thought I would be Patriotic and have red, white and blue :0)

I do hope it is good enough when it is finished!

Till next time ….

PS forgot to say that all This and That

added up to lots of very happy

20 Minuters!

(Fiona our lovely 20 Minuters leader has just left a comment too …. shucks!) pop along and just sample her

non-fattening cupcakes! Scrumptious!

Well, Till next time ….

TaDaa! just hanging about!


At last …..

my Jelly Roll Quilt is Finished!

here it is ….. just Hanging up ….

I really enjoyed this project from Konda at

it is all still on her blog if anyone was interested in having a go.

I didn’t do all of the blocks, but I did do more than one of some ….

the ones I liked to do the best!

Here it is all folded and ready for the bed …

Ah! I do like it :0) and Bella too xxxx

But my quilt isn’t the only thing Hanging around!

I can’t get enough of these …..

D E C O P A T C H!  Yeh!!

two new green DECOPATCH coat hangers ….. mmmmmm :0)

and last but not least …..

Alfredo and Bertina

are Hanging around in sunny California

awaiting their flight to Haiti :0

check out their traveling buddies at

what a lot of friends :0)