We have a new member of our family ……

at first I had thought he would just be passing through ……

moving on to pastures new …..

to make new friends …..

and make others happy …..

But ….

we just can’t say “Goodbye”

So let me introduce him to you ….

his name is  JOE

Isn’t he handsome!

He has come here from Elaine

at Bloomin Myrtle

He has shoes and socks to put

on in the morning,

his shirt buttons to do up,

his working dungarees

and then he is ready …..

to inspect the plants!

He is good at gardening!

See his Designer Label ….

if you haven’t discovered

Bloomin Myrtle yet why not pop over ….

His brother Sam and sister Violet live at

also his lovely cousin Missy lives at

PHEW! all that plant watching is

jolly hard work on a hot day!

If you have time …. please call on his family and say Hello from Joe!

and not forgetting to call on Elaine (his Mum)

Hope you enjoy Bloomin Myrtle   :0)

have a nice day!

3 responses

  1. Lovely post! Glad to hear he is a good gardening! 😉

    I must show this post to Sam so I can get him gardening as well…I could do with a good helper!