Decopatch! Love it!


If you haven’t tried this brilliant craft yet, I recommend it


Though it must be said …..  it is Very Addictive!

This was a plain ordinary card box bought from  ……

But then the fun begins!

I didn’t have a colour, or theme or even an

idea, just using up bits I had left over.

Do you want to see what is the special job  for this box?

OK! ….

It is …..

my ……

Hexie Store Box :0) for my hexie quilt along with

236  so far :0)  a long way to go!


as I said, Decopatching IS ADDICTIVE

and so …..


a few more coat hangers!

these are for someone special :0)

Happy decopatching …… have a happy day!

9 responses

  1. Oh, why are you doing this to me ! ! ! !
    I just L O V E your decopatched hangers.
    Have to blogged how you do this?
    You know I’ve only been following you for a short time and have not had to time to go thru your previous blogs,
    hope to do so – eventually


  2. I know how enjoyable this is…and your results are very pretty & ‘happy’ & we know that lifts the This is something like the collage that I so loved to do, I should get back to it. A private world of interpretation with color and form. Delicious….glad you are having such fun.

  3. what a fun project. Love the coat hangers. Your hexie box is great…I’ve been good staying away from the lure of the hexies so far! must. stay. strong.

  4. Wow, I’ve never seen hangers like that before in my life. I LOVE IT! And that box is so cute. I need to find out how you’ve done those hangers 😀

  5. Hello! These are lovely and I could fix my shoeboxes… but I think as you say if I start I can’t stop and there is so sewing, knitting, crochet, blogi, Nero, Hanna…. perhaps next year! Hugs for Bella! Nero

  6. Mrs. Allen
    when I saw these hangers ages ago and that they were for someone special I felt a tad miffed that you had other special people in your life ….and then you presented them to me for my birthday !!!!! i love youxx I am feeling ok now getting a smile back xx