20 Minuters


Last winter, in preparation for long cold evenings,  I bought a fantastic book

200 crochet blocks for blankets, throws and afghans

by Jan Eaton

(Isn’t Bella cute!!! always ready to play!)

On moving to a new area I suddenly realized that

my old blue sofa was looking rather tatty to say the least. Looking through my book

for inspiration I found two squares that I quite liked the look of.

My original thought for a throw was to use all the same colour,

but then I do get rather bored after a while with “sameness”

– that was when I chose the second square to add a bit of variety.

Also different colours ….. I am quite happy with the end result though I will

probably extend the border ….. perhaps with another colour or two!

I do think it is an improvement at any rate :0)

and it will be cozy for the long cold winter evenings!

so that was  my 20 Minuters for a few weeks !

6 responses

  1. Love it Val, colours are great! I so know what you mean about ‘sameness’, we all need a bit of variety. You’re being very productive.
    Lovely to see Bella, sooo sweet. 🙂
    Vivienne x

  2. Isn’t great seeing the finished project ?
    I need to finish at least one
    before long.
    I try not to start something new
    but never win the tussle
    and end up with another project.
    Congrats on finishing your afghan
    and having it turn out so lovely.

  3. Hello!
    Lovely to ‘meet’ you.Thanks for popping in and leaving a comment.
    Your crochet blanket is beautiful.I’ve only just started to crochet this year and I love it!
    Your Bella is a sweety.

    Bellaboo :o)

  4. Thank you for the lovely email about my blog – sorry you couldn’t manage to leave a comment. Your blue and white throw looks lovely!