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Please say a Big Hello to BETINA  AND ALFREDO

all excited about their first  flight on a plane   …..

their first stop  is USA to meet Sarah at

Then when she is sorted for them their onward flight to


and to meet their special new friends ……


Here is their new home :0)

Betina has a Tote bag and Alfredo a rucksack so they can have

their passports handy for Immigration and Customs  :0)

I have grown quite fond of these little friends …. but they are heading to happy hugs

so I will just say a fond goodbye and wing them on their way ……

with hugs and kisses xxxxxx

4 responses

  1. Ahhh, I hope they will lead a charming life where they will be loved and loved some more! What a sweet thing to do.

  2. Oh they are lovely! Can’t wait to post them on the website 🙂

    Thanks so much,

    Take care and Happy Sewing!


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