Dolly Donations


Let me introduce you to


who will soon be heading off to Haiti via the USA

But just now ….. she is sitting around waiting for Alfredo to show up ……

(they have a joint air ticket )……

but he is late in the making.

When he arrives they will wing their happy way to Sarah at

Betina is made from

Free Dolly Pattern

on Sarah’s blog ……

Must dash now and look for fabric for Alfredo!

See you soon


Betina and Alfredo are my part of this idea

click on the button on the righthand column for more inspiration :0)

4 responses

  1. I see your skills have no end my friend!
    I had a beautiful ride on Saturday, down to the house to say Hi to Peter and then up the trail back to to the top road. about 2 1/2 miles at a gentle pace, suitable for two ladies past the first flush as they say!
    today I took Peter to Old Glossop and we had lunch in a pub opposite the old bakery, at the far end of the road with the hungry cow farm and foootpath. Peter was impressed with the beauty and character of the place. Travel details received thankyou, trying to pluck up courage to drive…Leave it with me and my GOD BLESS YOU AND YOURS xx

  2. Thanx for stopping by by blog, . It took me a while to get back to you, because I was unable to get to your blog. But now that I am here I will take a little tour and check it out. Love the quilts and hangers. Betina looks like she is enjoying the beautiful weather.

  3. I love that expression…’late in the making’…grin. That’s a man for you…=)