B O X E S!

I like Boxes,

B   I   G boxes,

small boxes,

you never know just what they might hold ….

who doesn’t like  THESE kind of boxes ….

Chocolate Trading Co. - Superior Selection, 12 Assorted Chocolate Box

“A superior selection of the finest chocolates chosen for their purity of ingredients and outstanding flavours.”


well, my hand goes up for  THAT box!

THEN  what about …..

Rare Vintage Biscuit Tin Post Box Money Box The Garden Co Ltd Bakers Hong Kong, Circa 1950s

money boxes!

I remember having one just like this – (oh dear, now it’s called a vintage box!)

mine had no way of getting your pennies out except by poking

a knife into the slot and shaking!

frustrating, but very satisfying!

“This is a rare tin in the form of a English Post Box that was intended to used as a money box once its original contents of wafer biscuits were consumed, Circa 1950s.

The tin was produced for The Garden Co., Ltd; Bakers and Confectioners of Hong Kong”

see it for yourself at ….


the kind of box that I want to start for little J

Pirate treasure chest

when my three son’s were young they each had a  treasure box

with little boys treasures …. string, stamps, shells, flints, pebbles,

rocks, feathers, cones, maps, postcards, old coins,

and lots of bits and bobs ….

yes …. I must start a  Treasure Box for little J :0)

B U T….

the boxes that I am interested in right now are


Y E S,

I am leaving the beautiful High Peak district of Derbyshire ….

and my lovely trundling walks with Bella

the beautiful meadows …..

our favourite field on the Derbyshire Level

the wild open country


Bulls Head - Old GlossopChurch Street South - Old GlossopManor Park - Bridges

the old village, the park

and the little town that I have grown to love

View of Glossop



like the birds I am going SOUTH!

to knew pastures, new adventures –

it has a bitter-sweetness to it,

I will be leaving family, friends and home ….

but I am going to more family

and God willing, make new friends and a new home.

My last Sunday’s post means a lot to me,

I pray that I may I truly blossom where I am planted.

So, it’s Goodbye Glossop …

for the present but I will be back to visit …. :0)

and it’s Hello down there!

Oh ….. but

I will be back in Blogland soon!

4 responses

  1. Hi Val
    Very best wishes for your move, I hope everything goes well for you! I’m sure you and Bella will be very happy in your new home. 🙂
    At least you’ll not not be moving out of blogland, no matter where you are in the country we’re only a click away.
    Love Vivienne x

  2. Val, I pray for you the very best! You are leaving some beautiful countryside; you’ll have to post views you see in the new place you’re going to be planted. (Very creative post to tell everyone you’re moving!)

  3. Good Morning Val, I hope your move goes smoothly and you settle in quickly in your new home. I sometimes stop and reflect that almost all regions, towns, etc. have attractions for shopping and what-not that are exciting and things to look forward to. blessings are everywhere, often. ~~I too like ‘boxes’. I just bought one yesterday with a butterfly bar of soap in it AND a little crank-up music box that plays…’You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy…when skies are grey, you’ll never know dear, how much I love you, please don’t take my sunshine away’. =)…take it easy as much as you can. I’ll look forward to hearing about your new home and location. *hugs* from Maggie Ann

  4. I bet you are filled with mixed emotions, but oooooo how exciting! With God in the driving seat we can experience some really brilliant highs and unexpected turns. We just need to trust in Him, so trust Val and remember, your blog land friends are just a click away as Vivienne said! Take care and be surrounded by His love. x