have bag will travel!


Well!    Partly for my Mother’s Day gift and partly for my

Birthday present, I was given the train ticket to spend a

week with my lovely family in Oxfordshire.

So …… my Mary Poppins bag and I set off!

The weather was just fantastic, and I had a wonderful time  –

my Bag worked out a treat!

Lots of room for lots of stuff …. and I found the little

handles really nice to hold …….

Next time, I hope to have a few photos of just what me and my bag got up to!

So off we go for a Springtime holiday in Oxfordshire :0)

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  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog Val – the bluebell wood pictured was in Oxfordshire – at Freeland. Maybe your family know it!

    I had a great weekend in Bruges – though too many chocolatiers!

    You enjoy your break with your family. Have a great weekend.