Inspiration Plus!


For quite a while now I have been happily occupied each day with my

Please drop in and encourage us!

I must say and own up – it may not be EVERY day, but it mostly is …

Sometimes it is MUCH more!

Well, the 20 Minuters idea is the brilliantly great idea of Fiona at

For serious INSPIRATIONS pop along and take a

L O N G,   L O N G,  LOOK at  Fiona’s zero calorie baking ….

birthday cake

Christmas pudding

and You simply  MUST, MUST,  M  U  S  T see her cupcakes ….

and …… her


How awesome is that!

I am absolutely amazed at her talent and inspiration ….

no wonder so many enjoy being 20 Minuters,

….. go on NOW and have a calorie free FEAST …..


perhaps you might want to become a 20 Minuter yourself

and enjoy the inspiration and generosity we share from FIONA

just visit her blog and click the 20 Minuter button!

7 responses

  1. Good for you recruiting for the 20 Minuters!! Like you I don’t always get it done every day, but I make up for it on others.
    Have a lovely Easter!
    Vivienne x

  2. What a great blog, I told someone that was thrilled with Marmaladerose’s blog and said she did not live far from her.
    Have a reflected Good Friday and a Happy Easter.
    Hugs Patsy

  3. Hi, I am joining the 20 minuters too!
    It’s great to share and it makes me finish something!
    Happy Easter Suzanne