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Calling on Teachers!

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Bring Africa and the needs of children ….. in a practical way …… to your children.

You will find loads of brilliant ideas and resources at

“Just like our practical approach in Africa, we believe that the best way to help children find out about the world is through learning by doing.

That’s why our projects focus on hands-on activities that often take pupils outside of the classroom, and involve creating something special for your school that adds to global learning and gives your pupils something to remember.”

from Send a Cow website

‘Growing my seeds was brilliant.

When I could pick what I’d grown it was really exciting.

I feel so proud of my Bag Garden!’

from a school on the Isle of White

Cowforce – for children and their teachers is our award winning interactive website for kids, designed to be used by children at home or at school.

Created with the help of children, the site gives an introduction to life in Africa, living in poverty and the work of Send a Cow. Using animations, interesting facts and a fun approach, your kids will love it!

“Cowforce in an immensely creative effort and shows a real in-depth understanding of its younger target audience. It is a great example of how NGOs can be more relaxed about their messages, yet still get across difficult ideas.”

Jon Snow, broadcaster.

Cowforce for teachers

You will find a unique ‘Teacher Tab’ on many of the pages of, showing you lesson plans and learning resources that are relevant to the page that you are on. A good place to start on the site is the ‘Goatacycle Diaries’ of Tazo the goat from his tour of Africa, or the ‘Four African Tales’ animations that help to explain our work in a fun way.

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  1. Good Morning Val, Just popping by to answer your question about ‘Grace Livingston Hill’ books. She was a Christian author of light fiction. Her father was a minister of the gospel. She was born in New York State. She was happily married to a young minister and they had two little girls. In 1899 he was stricken with an acute attack of appendicitis and died. Grace had been writing stories since she was a girl but now her livelihood depended upon this alone. After she had one of her Sunday school lesson series printed in the local paper, her work grew to be accepted by magazines and later on she wrote many books….I’m guessing at the number here but probably around 60. I have many of them and love them dearly. You could ‘google’ her or ‘ebay’ her or perhaps ‘amazon’ to sample some of the writings I thing.~~~I’ll check out ‘Cowforce’. Hoping you have a nice day! Its overcast here and we are about to head to the gym. (which is helping me so much…its worth the effort) =)

  2. Good Morning Val! I just read your comment to me and have been to the Gutterman press site….its a good thing. I have downloaded books from many times. ‘A Girl of the Limberlost’ by Gene Stratton-Porter is one of my very favorites over there. And…but…I just came across this site and am excited to try it out further. or go to and then click on the text box and so on…they have about 20 Grace L.H. books on their site that you can read online. I just read a page of ‘The Enchanted Barn’ there. Oh boy, is this reader excited! Hey, I’m glad our paths crossed too! Have a happy day….

  3. Hi, Val did you see my post on some of the States Christian flags? I put you on my blog list is that ok?

    • Hi Patsy,
      I enjoyed reading your blog on the States Christian flags …. you really are a privileged people and nation to have your roots and the base of your country founded on God. May God bless you and America.
      I am really delighted you have added me to your blog list, it is a joy and an honour and I thank you so much for the encouragement it gives to me.
      Blessings! Val