20 Minuters


I have been busy for a while now, off and on, making paper pieced Dresden Plates.

I really enjoy the experience of hand piecing.

Tacking the fabric shapes over their backing papers and stitching them together to create a new textile ….. yes, it is very absorbing and satisfying.

You can become totally immersed in the process of

choosing the scraps …….

tacking on to the papers …….

then arranging each piece into the desired sequence for your plate ……

Yes, it  is very rewarding and the slower pace than machine patching is quite therapeutic.

When it’s all put together, I think the softer look that the stitches produce lends charm and individuality to the finished piece. Well, I hope so anyway! But  I don’t know what they will end up being – a quilt, a throw, place mats ??? Who knows! I am happy to be making them just now so I will wait until I have enough to decide. :0)

It is thought that the Dresden Plate design originated in America in the 1930’s when it would have been made up using small scale dress prints on a white background.

So here are two of my plates coming along,

bit by bit,

20 Minutes at a time!

What do you think?

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6 responses

  1. They look great, don’t know if I would have the patience for patchwork! I see you have made a Lucy wreath as well. You’re being very productive. 🙂
    If I would spend less time on the internet and more time crafting maybe I’d get more done !!!!!
    Vivienne x

    • After reading your e-mail I had to come over and see what your post was. When I was learning to quilt about 3 years age I made one Dresden Plate block and I liked doing it very much.

  2. Very nice to meet you! Thank you for visiting woolnest; a mutual visit/comment is my favorite way to reply. I’m glad to have stopped by here, because your Dresden Plate pieces are so pretty and inspiring… I’ve been mulling over a quilt, building courage, I suppose! I spotted your Spring-y Wreath from Attic24 too, reminds me that I want to make a couple of those too… so little time!

    happy weekending!

  3. Your Dresden plates are beautiful! I can tell you really love making them. Thats how I always felt about needlework…it is calming and lovely. (but you are a pro compared to me when it comes to quilting) and 20 minutes at a time too! smile..