Send a Cow


Do you remember The Butter Mountain?

and The Milk Lake?

News of starvation in Africa and farmers having to slaughter healthy cows for EU regulations?

Not today’s news, though it could well be.

No    ……     go back more than twenty years and  from these came the birth of Send a cow

Send a Cow was set up by a group of UK dairy farmers over 20 years ago. Outraged at EU milk quotas, which were forcing them to slaughter healthy dairy cows, and in response to an appeal from Uganda for milk, they embarked on a project, which was set to become an innovative and practical charity.

Uganda was just emerging from a long civil war, communities and their farmland had been destroyed and much of the country’s livestock wiped out.

Several of the UK farmers flew to Africa to investigate how they could help. Meeting with Ugandan farmers, the Bishop of Mukono, and a livestock expert, they saw how smallholder dairy farming in Africa could work. People there were unable to feed themselves and milk would provide an instant source of nutrition. They returned to the UK determined to help, and sent cows (some were pregnant)  from their own herds to Uganda by chartering an airplane.

Send a Cow was born.

From day one, we knew that we needed to help rebuild communities if providing livestock was going to work for the long term. Without strong support networks, and lots of training, people simply wouldn’t be able to manage a cow.

It quickly became clear that cow’s manure, rather than just the milk, would provide the long-term path out of poverty that communities so desperately needed. With 70% of Uganda’s poor struggling to survive on infertile soil, manure provided the vital ingredient for communities to improve their land and work their way out of poverty for good”.

Today, Send a Cow work in seven countries: Uganda, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Lesotho, Rwanda, Zambia and Kenya, and we source all livestock within Africa. Every person, family and community we work with receives training and ongoing support.

Read Margaret Kifuko’s story

“I treasure my manure!” says Margaret Kifuko from Uganda.  You can click to  Read Margaret Kifuko’s story

Find more about this exciting  charity at

3 responses

    • Hi Mary, thanks for dropping in! I think Heifer was the inspiration behind Send a Cow – I love the photos of the first Heifer shipments of cows AND cowboys!

  1. Hi Val,

    This is a wonderful post! The Heifer International and Send A Cow approaches are fundamentally the same, so we work closely together.
    • In Kenya and Zambia, Send a Cow’s programmes are managed by Heifer. In Ethiopia, Send a Cow is the managing organisation. In Tanzania, Cameroon, and Ghana, Send a Cow funds part of Heifer’s programme.
    • There is very little actual difference between the two organisations. It’s more a difference of emphasis. Heifer does more work supporting micro-enterprise development. Send a Cow focuses more on organic farming practices.

    I want to thank you again Val for the great post. Jess from Send A Cow x