Soldiers Quilt


What a privilege it has been to be able to make such a quilt!  I don’t know who will receive it, but I hope that he likes it.

As I look at the different fabrics (I can’t count how many)  I see handbags and quilts that I have made in the past. What makes up this quilt are the tiny strips of fabric that I had left in my “bits basket.” This kind of patching is known as “Strings.” There are many inspiring blogs with tutorials on how to piece these together – either paper backing or thin fabric backing.  I prefer to use a fabric backing as I don’t fancy taring off all the paper bits. Click on HeartStrings button for tutorials and String ideas.

Apparently String Quilting has a history going back to the early 1900’s in America.  I found some interesting comments:

“When quilters combined their scraps into a string quilt, it may have been nothing special to them. Yet, the quilts dazzle the eyes of outsiders and art collectors who see them as wall art today. When the country was enduring the Great Depression, women combined their scraps into string quilts, which were seen as utilitarian and still are.

The common thread in string and selvedge edge quilts, is that their popularity came about at the time of an economic downturn or a War, or both. The materials used in each were throw-aways being put to use, as a quilt or decoration for women’s homes, and they were there for the taking.

Women did then as they do now — they got creative and sewed together the fabrics they had, including scraps.”

That could relate to modern times!

An Old Fashioned String Quilt from the 1920-30’s

Wanda Pintar's string quilt

My own quilt is waiting for a photo – then posting off without delay!

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