20 Minuters


Well, now I am officially signed up! So I thought I would show what I have been busy with for my first edition!

The idea is not my own but came from here

Thinking of the Owl family and my need for toys for baby J, I thought,

“What a great idea for a stacking, hiding things under, memory game toy!”

So I busied myself and made six with matching tiny ball to hide under the wigwam.  I was soooooo pleased with my new game.

Then I looked again at the name that Ashley called her little wigwam “Wee wee wigwam” – being English I thought this referred to the SIZE of the wigwam …. not to its use!  The penny dropped  (no pun intended re “spend a penny”) ….. here is the comments on Ashley’s blog:

Hi Ashley – I love your site and you are such an inspiration. Being English I had never heard or seen anything like this little creation ….. I thought it was a game for little ones! You know, you can stack them, whack them, wash them, chew them, and hide things under them …. that was what I thought they were …. so I made a set of six with six matching little balls to hide under for a memory game for my little grandson! How typically British!!! But I do like my little wigwam game. :0) Thankyou,

Val, that is HILARIOUS. I guess I should have fully defined what these are used for. But perfect…..you came up with a brilliant use for them. Haha!!

See Ashley for yourself at


Still it IS a BRILLIANT game and I would recommend anyone making a set for any toddler. :0)  Or it could be a multi-purpose toy!

Now “What next for a 20 Minuter?”

2 responses

  1. Hi Val,
    loved your site. I will probably die on my way home from your house as trying to take in all the view whilst driving is not really recommended! The video was amazing, I feel as if we have been fed this morning, and never mind the seeds, what about the ten virgins….my mind is racing.Have sent message to Rachel re Lee.LOVE YOU SO MUCHxxGOD BLESS YOU AND ALL YOU DO xx
    wee wee teepee…hee hee!

  2. That’s awesome – I’m Canadian and I think I would have been fooled by the name too. I love your idea and I think it will be a great interactive toy.